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The 8 Best Headbands for Men When You Feel Like Breaking a Sweat

When the thermostat climbs and refuses to slow down, there are few options in the way of relief. A stylish, functional headband can be one of them, though. That goes for whatever you wear it for, whether it’s a training session or a grueling day hike.  This crucial and yet underappreciated accessory toes the line between form and function, and you’ll find options from traditional sportswear retailers as well as luxury brands. They can add some serious flair to a sporty summer look, they’ll protect your eyes and face from the perils of being drenched in sweat, and they might even add a bit of Goodman dodgeball skills (no guarantees, though). However you choose to wear your headband of choice, there’s an option out there for everyone: Start shopping our top picks today.

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Best Overall Headband: Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Headband

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Don’t sleep on the potential that Lululemon’s performance menswear has to completely change your wardrobe. This breathable and ventilated headband, with a four-way stretch knit yarn, works for tough outdoor training sessions as easily as it does for beach days, music festivals, and more. It’s another option in your bag of tricks to fight the summer heat.

Best Training Headband: Adidas Alphaskin Headband

Adidas Alphaskin Headband

This Adidas headband serves a dual purpose, and it does it quite well, to say the least: Keeping your hair off your face, and keeping sweat off your eyes. It’s got two layers of fabric for extra sweat absorption, and it’s also meant to help circulate air, thanks to the elastic back.

Best Headband for Sports: Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband

Under Armour Performance Headband

If you’ve been searching for a headband to wear for, say, basketball, then this Under Armour option is the right one to buy now. It’s been a staple on basketball courts for years, and for good reason. It’s highly affordable, it comes in a range of colors and the quick-drying material wicks sweat away very fast.

Best Customizable Headband: Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie Headband

Nike Dri-Fit Headtie Headband

How can a headband be customizable? Well, when it’s this head-tie headband from Nike, the kind that gives you multiple ways to wear it. It’s all the better to keep your hair out of your face and the sweat off your eyes, and it even looks a bit like a headband a masterful tennis pro might wear. That’s a perfectly good reason to wear it, if you ask us.

Best Luxury Headband: MCM Jacquard Wool Headband

MCM Jacquard Wool Headband
Saks Fifth Avenue

When we said that headbands were about more than just functionality, this is what we meant. This luxury headband is made from super-soft jacquard wool, and features an elegant logo. Plus, the color combination (indigo blue and white) is stylish and appealing.

Other Headbands We Love

Halo Illuminator V Headband

Halo Illuminator V Headband

Want a headband made to improve visibility while still offering a sleek way to protect your skin from sweat and sun? This is the highly useful option you need right now.

 Burberry Black-and-White Jacquard Logo Headband

Burberry Black and White Jacquard Headband

Burberry offers a seriously high-fashion take on the headband with this bold, black-and-white number that wouldn’t appear out of place on the runway. Add some flair to your next minimal look with this luxury option.

Poshei Men’s Headband

Poshei Men's Headband

If it’s a sweat-stopping headband you seek, you’re in luck with this useful four-pack from Poshei. The brand recommends wearing them for everything from yoga to running, so go right ahead and snap up this handy set of headbands.

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