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Whiskey in a (Soap) Bottle: Dish Whiskey

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Ever feel like the terms “barrel-aged” and “charcoal-filtered” could be applied to some of the less exciting areas of your life? Archer products is bringing everyone’s favorite liquor to the sink with Dish Whiskey. Forget your grocery store brand dish soap that smells like tangerines or handfuls of lilacs, this stuff smells good enough to drink, even if you definitely shouldn’t. Alcohol has demonstrated its usefulness as a solution to many problems, so why not use it to also deal with pots and pans crusted with manly things like meats and hearty stew?

Archer products also makes a series of air sprays that are a distinct departure from the typical aromas like “shady island flowers” and “festival of candles.” These sprays instead claim to replace the smells that occur naturally with scents that demand serious business and leave your pad reeking of manliness. I’d never dreamed there would be a can to make my house smell like “hearth stone, gun powder and damp timber” but now that I know “Hunting Lodge” exists I refuse to accept anything less. If a life of wilderness and mounted beast heads isn’t fast enough for you, “European Sports Car” kicks it up a notch with all the speed and racing fury you crave. Finally, there’s “Distillery” if you want more than your dishes to say “why yes, those are oak barrels.”

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You can order Dish Whiskey and the air fresheners at individually, or as a complete package with free shipping.

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