Sony SmartWatch: The Time Has Come

sony smartwatch the time has come
Let’s get real here for a second (no pun intended) – everyone is attached to their phones these days. To put it simply: smart phones are addictive. Once you see someone looking at their phone, it becomes infectious. And, we here at The Manual are certainly not immune to this ‘disorder.’ But, there are those moments when you just have to put you phone away—like at a meeting, or at an important dinner—and all you keep thinking about is if that phone call, email or text came in. And while you’ve already pulled that ‘I need to go wash my hands, I’ll be right back,’ line, Sony has come up with a watch that connects directly to your phone, so now there’s no need to come up with new, lame excuses. Sure, we know, some were pretty creative.

Introducing the Sony SmartWatch by The Android. This sleek, handsome 1.42 inch touch screen is meant to keep you in touch with all the important things you need to know. And yes, that includes Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry, we’re not judging what’s “important” to you—even if it is seeing updated statuses. Although, the SmartWatch does provide you with all those other important things you need like reading emails, texts and other notifications.

Whenever there is a phone call, text message, email, or a calendar event that is stored on your phone, the SmartWatch will vibrate to inform you. From there, you can tap the screen and get all the details you need. And it can even play music, and it has apps from Google Play—like the fitness app, which records your workout and progress.

And while all of its specifications may be pretty cool—like the OLED display, black watchband and other additional multi-colors and Bluetooth capabilities, the best part might really be that you’ll never have to go searching for your phone to find that it was a number you were going to just ignore anyway.

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