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Olloclip: Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

olloclip are you ready for your close up
Once upon a long time ago, cell phones never had cameras installed in them. Now, pretty much everyone has a phone with a camera in it. And sometimes that gives people the right to feel like they’re a photographer. Well, now you can enhance your “photographic skills” with the Olloclip for iPhone, offering a view in to the future of photography on your iPhone.

This beautifully crafted device is a quick-connect lens that is available for all iPhones—including the iPhone 5! The Olloclip gives you three lenses in one that can be attached and removed easily, while enhancing all of your photos on all your favorite apps. Choose from the Fisheye lens, Wide-angle lens, and Macro lens.

Fisheye Lens:

Its 180-degree field-of-view produces some pretty awesome shots, capturing a wide range of area. While the Fisheye lens is most commonly used to photograph extreme sporting activities like surfing and skateboarding, the Olloclip’s Fisheye lens is specified to perfectly capture landscapes, close-up subjects that are in crowds, and architectural settings, as well as extreme sporting activities. The difference, it creates incomparable visual masterpieces; it’s a no brainier.

Macro Lens:

This option is meant for grabbing extreme close-up shots of small objects at close distances. The macro lens will magnify all images to about 10x, while allowing you to focus within 15mm of what you’re shooting, capturing all of your objects most incredible detail.

Wide Angle Lens:

Everything has to be big! Who doesn’t watch a movie in widescreen? That’s why the innovators at Olloclip have come up with the wide angle lens to capture ‘extra field of view,’ so that your photographs are exactly double the normal iPhone photo. Providing more of a scene, and emphasize the difference between objects and the spaces between them.

And don’t just think the Olloclip can only do photos; you can use any of these lenses to shoot videos, too. Oh, you’re still skeptical? They have videos to prove it.

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