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Masterclass’ Buy One, Gift One Cyber Week Deal Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Gordon Ramsay

For this holiday, give your loved ones the gift of knowledge. After all, education is one of the best gifts out there, whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or present a gift to another. With Masterclass, the lessons are taught by some of the most prestigious names in their fields.

For Cyber Week, the online class platform is still offering some special rates on wisdom from some big-name players. We can’t emphasize the teaching staff enough, as it’s a who’s who of trade icons. Looking to perfect your barbecue approach? Look no further than Aaron Franklin of lauded Franklin Barbecue in Texas. Want to learn the basics of gymnastics? Olympian Simone Biles is here for you. Need to fine-tune your writing and sense of humor? Enter the comic and narrative genius of David Sedaris.

Presently, the deal is a twofer and one for the ages. If you gift one annual Masterclass membership you get a second annual membership on the house. The offer is good through November 30th and includes the sage advice from some 90 instructors, from chef Gordon Ramsay to basketball phenom and two-time NBA MVP winner Steph Curry. The classes can be streamed on a host of devices and offer rare insights from some of the most accomplished names out there.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the online series. Masterclass continues to gain momentum, pairing eager students with celebrities with a certain level of earned know-how. This is not a lesson from your dad on the meaning of life. You can leave that to a pro like Neil deGrasse Tyson, a planetary scientist and astrophysicist. Even cooler, you can customize the arrival date of your gift membership. So, if your foodie uncle has a birthday coming up or your aspiring photographer friend made a New Year’s resolution to better their craft at the start of 2021, gift accordingly.

We are familiar with and used to seeing these accomplished faces, albeit from afar on the television screen. Masterclass invites this esteemed crew of pop culture professors into your kitchen, garage, or workshop to improve your favorite hobby or hobbies. You’ll learn a few things, get better acquainted with some of your role models, and have some fun during the process.

In addition to the above names, Masterclass is currently working with the likes of photographer Annie Leibovitz, filmmaker Ken Burns, actress Helen Mirren, musician Christina Aguilera, and many, many more. Genres of study range from arts and entertainment and music to home and lifestyle and wellness. What’s more, the instructional classes tap into the human side of learning, touching on failures as well as successes, short cuts in addition to long-term solutions. It’s a recipe for a better informed, more well-rounded you.

Memberships include a class of some 20 videos that average about ten minutes in length, making it perfect even for the busiest of people. Members also receive access to special apps, offline courses, and an exclusive newsletter. Face it, you’re equal parts tired of hearing about the program from your enthusiastic neighbor and curious to see how it works. Well, there’s no better time than the present to enroll.

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