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Let There Be Grillight: Grilling Tools With Built-In LED Flashlights

According to the Book of Genesis, God took six days to create the universe. Six days of hard work, and then, presumably, an eternal vacation. You’d think God would get bored after a while, maybe pick up a few pet projects. That light thing was especially cool — He or She should develop that some more.

Enter the prophets behind the Grillight — a series of grilling tools that have LED flashlights built into them. These tools can provide bright, precise, and efficient lighting while you grill, and we have seen that they are good.

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Whether you’re grilling at night or on a particularly dark and cavernous grill, these heavy-duty stainless steel tools will help shed some hands-free light on the situation. No longer do you have to hold your spatula in one hand and your flashlight in the other, like a TV cop securing a dark and hostile environment. Well, you still can if you want, because it’s kind of awesome.

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apronThe lights are extra special because they use technology called Ideal Illumination. Rather than emit a harsh blue light, like most LED lights you’ve seen, these LEDs emit a white light reminiscent of the afternoon sun. The Grillight tools are also 100% waterproof; you can even throw these puppies in the dishwasher, provided you remove the AA-battery-powered flashlight via the quick-release button.

Whether you believe the Grillight to be inspired by God or the ultimate achievement of eons of evolution and innovation, there’s at least one thing you can accept: it’s an excellent idea. Grillight is currently selling LED spatulas, wide-head fish spatulas, grilling forks, tongs, and brushes.

The Grillight Spatula is available at Grillight’s website for $24.95. The Grillight Gift Set is available for $79.95.

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