Pump it up (and protect) with Heimplanet’s inflatable tents

Whether talking Japanese bullet trains or Velcro, there’s no doubt nature inspires us to think beyond what we once deemed possible. Likewise, German-bred company Heimplanet’s lined of geodesic-inspired tents take a cue from one of the most stable natural structures in existence: the diamond.

Each of the company’s three tents was designed based on the specific molecular and crystal structure of the diamond. They’re conveniently build around the aforementioned Inflatable Diamond Grid, and equipped with a slew of inflatable airbeams touting resistant double-layer construction and further reinforced with high-tenacity polyester fabric. Although each tent consists of a varying number of modular beams, a patented multi-chamber system allows each frame to be inflated within minutes, while the ability to divvy the air frame into separate chambers ensures the tents maintain emergency stability in the event that part of the structure becomes damages.

Each airbeam features double-layer construction akin to a bicycle, sporting a stiff outer casing and inner, thermoplastic urethane bladder — rendering repairs as easy as simple patchwork or replacement. Furthermore, each tent is constructed of breathable, water-resistant nylon and includes a waterproof ground sheet, offering ample protection and stability easily on par with the inflatable frame.

Currently, Heimplanet offers three tent models: the Wedge ($625), the Cave ($760), and Mavericks ($6,940). Though the latter can withstand winds clocking more than 100 mph, we prefer two-person Wedge or 3-person Cave given their accessibility and lightweight design. If it’s a basecamp-worthy offering you’re looking for, however, there’s no doubting the Mavericks’ keen sense of protection.

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