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Menswear Gets A Makeover From GreenFingers

Are you tired of the taxidermy trend as much as we are?

It’s pretty cool to see a turkey flying over a shoe display but they do tend to get dusty and yes, even trophy animals can get buggy.

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So we were excited to see how the always forward thinking Filson is using plants as the new decor for their first east coast store from the likes of a Japanese plant guru Satoshi Kawamoto.

More recently, Kawamoto’s store GreenFingers has generated a lot of buzz with  his living designs for the Filson store mentioned above and the new Sleepy Jones Bowery pop-up.  Both are sporting Kawamoto’s lush green art.

A self-proclaimed “plant stylist”,  Kawamoto designs interiors and exteriors using an array of potted plants both alive and dead. Our favorite is his self-contained mason jars with succulents and even a vintage toy soldier. His store in New York’s East Village has four locations in Japan. Inside you’ll find what looks like a mini Japanese greenhouse featuring living displays of plant art that you can take your pick from. Although the space is really set up to show off his work, both GreenFingers merchandise and Bags in Progress dot the space and are on sale. Take a trip here and you’ll instantly be transported to a zen garden.

We hope this is a sign of good things to come in menswear brands. Let’s face it we are all over the industrial warehouse look. There’s only so many ways you look at steel i-beams before you realize… it’s an i-beam. Kawamoto is bringing green back with living design. In short we love this. Check out his site here or stop by his store to take a look for yourself.

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