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This Portable Air Conditioner Is $100 off and Will Cool Your Whole House

Side view of GE's Portable AC Unit on white background.

Heating and cooling an entire home or apartment is expensive. With the climate seemingly hotter this summer, it makes sense to look for ways to cut down on those costs, or improve cooling efficiency overall. Cue some of the best air conditioners, including portable units which can be used almost anywhere.

Portable units are great because you can place them in any room, namely the one you’re spending the most time in, to cool things off without incurring a huge power bill increase. Best Buy has a portable GE Air Conditioner on sale right now for $100 off. The unit can cover up to 550 square feet and is just $500 with free shipping or in-store pickup.

A Sony pocket air conditioner might work, but it’s probably not going to cool anyone else spending time in your home. For that, you need something like the GE Portable Air Conditioner. It outputs 13,500 BTUs or British Thermal Units, which is enough to cool a small to medium-sized room at a maximum of 550 square feet. The 3-in-1 system not only cools and conditions but also includes a fan and a dehumidifier to keep the space comfortable and free of humidity. Auto evaporation technology ensures that any water collected in the reservoir is naturally removed, reducing or outright eliminating the need to empty a drip pan. The system also includes a digital thermostat, with a 24-hour timer for a continuous cooling mode. You get a remote control with it that you can use to alter the settings from a distance.

Designed to be installed in pretty much any room with a window, the exhaust system connects via the window’s opening. The unit comes with the complete exhaust kit including the hose and the panels to seal off the open portion. It fits windows 20 inches to 45 inches wide with a minimum height of 4.8-inches — which is the gap between the bottom of the window and the top of the exhaust. To install the system, you run the exhaust hose from the unit to the open window, and seal up the sides using the included panels. It’s relatively easy to do, take down, and move about.

Normally $600, Best Buy is offering the GE Portable Air Conditioner for $500 with free shipping. That’s $100 off the full price, not including the cost of shipping such a large item. Act soon if you’re interested because this deal won’t last long, and people are going to scoop them up — it’s hot out right now.

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