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Feel Good Friday: AVIV and the Power of Good Thoughts

feel good friday aviv and the power of thoughts bottle
There are times when fear seems like the most powerful force on Earth. While it’s easy to succumb to fear, it’s important to remember that peace and love are stronger. How can we prove to ourselves and our loved ones that we’re not afraid of fear? By having a good time, of course.

That’s exactly what the distillers at AVIV 613 are doing. In addition to making a delicious vodka, which is always enjoyable at get-togethers, AVIV has pledged to donate 10% of their profits to charity. As a certified Kosher vodka, AVIV receives 100% of its ingredients from Kosher farmers, which in turn are required to donate 10% of their yields to charity.

AVIV_HEADER_08As a Kosher Israeli vodka, AVIV is steeped in Judaic traditions and lore. However, their core message is universal: Enjoying a few drinks with friends is an act of peace, joy, and love. Here’s how AVIV describes their beliefs on their website: “We seek harmony and balance to shield us from the trials and tribulations of daily life—lifting a glass to life’s precious moments, goodwill towards each other, unity of family, our intimate circle of friends, and the rituals that unite us.”

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A simple toast may be nothing more than a symbolic gesture of positive thinking, but such gestures are more powerful than we realize. When you make a toast, you vocalize positive, constructive thoughts. For at least a moment, you and your loved ones live in a world without pain and suffering.

AVIV’s love of positive symbolism is evident in every bottle. For instance, the triangular shape represents body, mind, and spirit; and one side of each bottle includes the phrase “celebrate life” in 22 languages. On AVIV’s website, you can decode the other 100 or so messages hidden in every bottle.

In a climate with an increasing number of divisions, it’s important for us to come together whenever and however we can. So the next time you’re feeling scared or alone, reach out to someone, raise a glass, and make a toast. If you can’t think of a good one, just borrow one from AVIV’s website. Of course, a simple “cheers”and a smile is always enough.

AVIV is available in stores in MN, WI, NJ, NY, and FL, and available online for $30

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