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Get This Top-Rated 6-Person Tent for Only $119 for Cyber Monday 2022

If you’re looking for an awesome family-sized tent, we’ve got a Cyber Monday Tent Deal for you. Right now, you can grab this Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Cabin Tent for just $119 at Walmart. For such a well-sized and practical camping tent, this is a pretty sweet discount, and you’re sure to be delighted with the results. Let’s take a look at why the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent is worth your money.

Today’s Best Cyber Monday Tent Deal

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Cabin Tent on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Cozily sleeps 6
  • Dark Rest technology that blocks sunlight
  • Included carry bag and rainfly
  • Ground vent for proper circulation

Looking to get ahead on the next season of outdoor activity? This tent is a great way to prepare for the camping season to ensure that you have enough room for yourself and your family, you and your friends, or just you and plenty of personal space. A camping brand owned and created by Walmart, Ozark tents are some of the best tents that have been consistently affordable and innovative since their conception. Catering mostly to family and affordability, Ozark Trail Tents are always made with lots of space, ample ventilation, easy assembly, and lots of storage options. This Ozark Trail 6-person tent will save you money and time during set-up to spend instead with family and friends.

This Ozark Trail Dark Rest Tent is well-known for its innovative Dark Rest technology, helping to block sunlight and allowing you to sleep a bit longer. This also helps on hot and sunny days, keeping a minimal amount of heat inside the tent and blocking out the unnecessary extra. This is all made better by the ground vent so cleverly placed, increasing comfort by properly circulating air from the ground as well as the small amount of heat being soaked through the sides. A tent made to deal with almost any weather, it also includes a rainfly to prevent any moisture from getting into your tent and sleeping bags. When you’re lucky, and it’s a beautiful night, feel free to roll back the interior ceiling panels and enjoy a starry view with no buggy inconveniences.

Nobody likes clutter in their tent; it’s too easy to lose all those small items — flashlights, cell phones, wallets, batteries, car keys — under and between sleeping bags. That’s why the Ozark Trail 6-person tent is equipped with a large, multi-pocketed, mesh side storage compartment, as well as a hanging gear loft at the very top of the tent. This tent is spacious and cozy as well, which comfortably fits either two queen air beds or up to six people in sleeping bags on the floor. Investing in a tent like this is something that any camper should be excited about because it’s simple to carry, easy to set up, and made with a wide variety of settings in mind, so you can take it wherever you like.

When Does This Cyber Monday Tent Deal End?

Technically, this deal is set to expire by the end of the day. However, if you are looking for a way to level up your camping game and save some time, it is highly recommended to act on this deal as soon as possible. There’s no way to guarantee that this deal will still be available if it is waited on. Something good to know: It was recently reported from Adobe Analytics that retailers are running out of stock faster than pre-pandemic days, saying that number has jumped 124% on out-of-stock alerts and continually rising. During sales events such as this, there is always an extremely high number of order volumes going through, slowing the transaction process of your purchase and giving you more time to think about it. Not to mention Walmart’s free 90-day return window, giving you even more time to decide if you’re ready for such an upgrade.

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