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Even Pepsi Cola Is Discounted for Cyber Monday 2022 — Seriously!

If you’re hosting an upcoming event or just absolutely love the taste, you might want to look into this Cyber Monday Pepsi deal from Walmart. Yes, even Pepsi is going on sale for this year’s Cyber Monday deals, and it’s worth looking into. Does Pepsi always have a place in your fridge? Right now from Walmart an 18-pack of 12oz Pepsi Cola cans is going for $10 , marked down $4 from $14. Taking advantage of this deal would be highly-advised, especially if you can’t get enough of this tasty beverage.

Today’s Best Pepsi Cola Cyber Monday Deal

An 18 pack of Pepsi on a white backdrop.
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A soda brand that has been around since its beginning in New Bern, North Carolina, in 1898, Pepsi Cola is one of the main, go-to sodas for millions of Americans and billions of people all around the world. Maybe it’s your favorite soda, maybe it’s your favorite mixer to go with your favorite cocktail, or maybe you enjoy the thrill of the decades-long rivalry with Coca-Cola. Whatever your reason, Pepsi is your brand. Considering PepsiCo’s lineup of other assorted drinks and snack foods (Mountain Dew, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, 7UP, Doritos, etc.), you may be supporting it without even knowing. Either way, this is your jam and you gotta have it in multitudes.

What’s unique about Pepsi? Despite some saying that it all tastes the same, Pepsi actually has a unique, citrusy burst right when you crack open that can. Pepsi is definitely a cola that packs a punch, which is great for mixed drinks as well as drinking on its own. Having less sodium than other soda brands also makes Pepsi unique, giving it a sweeter and smoother yet peppery taste that’s good for any occasion. Pepsi has been around for a long time, reminding us that they were the first and best cola to hit the market and plan to stay that way.

Pepsi is a great addition for any large party and any occasion. Looking to host a Super Bowl party? Pepsi is an excellent choice of a beverage to go along with some fun and delicious Super Bowl food ideas. It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl though — Pepsi can go along with any event or gathering and is perfect for BBQ days no matter the weather with an awesome Weber grill to complement that sweet beverage with something salty and smokey. Don’t feel social? Understandable. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite soda when you wish from your large supply.

Besides the flavor and great price of Pepsi, its advertising and publicity has been legendary for decades. From iconic Super Bowl commercials of the ’90s to star-studded representation throughout pop culture today, Pepsi has been repped by pop-culture icons such as Beyonce, Ozzy Osbourne, Enrique Iglesias, Cindy Crawford, Michael J. Fox, Victoria Beckham, Sofia Vergara, and a crazy-unforgettable commercial jingle by Britney Spears in 2001 called Joy of Pepsi. As if that weren’t enough, Pepsi is teaming up with the NFL and Roc Nation this year to bring us one of the most star-studded halftime shows of all time featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar.

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