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Tired of Dodging Bullets at Work? Check Out This Bulletproof Briefcase

bulletproof briefcase

Are you tired of being pelted by a deluge of gunfire on your way to work? Tell us about it. Nothing can give you a case of the Mondays faster than a slug to the chest. Fortunately, the heroes at the Force Training Institute have you covered.

The MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield –also called the “Savior”– is a totally usable briefcase that doubles as a bulletproof shield. That’s right — in addition to carrying your neglected TPS reports, this briefcase can STOP A FREAKING BULLET. According to the Force Training Institute website, the Savior can be “deployed” (read: opened) in seconds to provide 639 square inches of protection against ballistics.

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This briefcase is made of 1680 Denier ballistic nylon and laminated Kevlar, and comes with blunt force inserts. Together, these materials can handle anything up to a .44 magnum round. In short, it’s a pretty tough bag.

This potential life-saver weighs just 8 lbs., which is not bad considering it can STOP A FREAKING BULLET. All you have to do is open the top, and suddenly you have a 3-foot long shield. The base model will protect you against handguns and “pistol-caliber sub-machine gun threats,” as well as attacks from blunt and edged weapons.

If you want protection against high-powered rifles, you’ll need to spring for the Level III insert plate, which is sold separately. For protection from a Tomahawk cruise missile, you’ll need a bigger briefcase.

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Oh yeah, we almost forgot: the Savior can also be used as a briefcase, with plenty of space for your laptop, tablet, documents, 92FS Beretta, and whatever else you need for the average workday. It also has a handle and shoulder strap for convenient carrying. At $899, the Savior is a bit on the steep side for a briefcase, but it’s about right for a briefcase that can STOP A FREAKING BULLET.

Whether you’re lobbying for “007” as your new office nickname or you want to give new meaning to the term “white-collar crime,” the Savior could be a good fit for you. All we ask is that you don’t go looking for trouble; for example, you probably shouldn’t call your boss a punk and/or ask if he feels lucky.

MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield — $899 on the Force Training Institute’s website

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