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The 5 Best Lego Deals to Shop this Prime Day

Lego toys and figurines are a staple in many homes. It’s a great pastime for those who love building, collecting new fan themes and models, or challenging yourself with new Lego sets (some sets have over 3,000 pieces!). Not to mention Legos are versatile and will last for many years down the road. They’re a very sturdy toy (you might know this from stepping on one) and they also make a great gift. If you’re shopping for a set ahead of the holiday season, there are a ton to choose from and during Amazon Prime Day you’re sure to save when you find a Lego set deal. Young or old, here are the top ten Lego sets one’s you’ll want to shop.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

The best place to start is with a Star Wars theme Lego set. The Star Wars universe has been a huge part of Lego since its start and new releases such as its Star Wars: The Mandalorian set. This particular Lego set is great if you already have other Lego Star Wars sets or you’re looking to gift this to someone excited to countdown until Christmas. Advent calendars are always exciting and this one has 311 pieces so there’s plenty to do with this set at a great price.

Lego Marvel Avengers: Avengers Ultimate Quinjet Building Kit

At 838 pieces this is a great price for this set. Space jets, rocket ships, planes, and other flying models are always a fun addition to any set and this set is great for kids and young adults alike.

Lego Classic Brick Box

As the weather gets colder and your spending more time indoors, having a set of 900 piece Lego set will come in handy. Brick box sets are popular Lego sets that let you add to all your current sets. Let kids get creative with these sets. This set is great for small children (four years old and up) who love animals and improving their building skills.

Lego Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Building Kit

There are a ton of Harry Potter themed Leg sets including this 6,020 piece of the Hogwarts Castle that enthusiasts will love. Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, this 265 piece set has a special scene from Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. This Lego Harry Potter kit lets you build the Goblet of Fire Triwizard Tournament scenes. The set includes the Hungarian Horntail and four mini-figures, all with wands: Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, and Viktor Krum.

Lego Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster

This is the ultimate Lego set for Marvel superhero fans. It’s a 362 piece set with cool features attached to War Machine plus four mini-figures (including Ant-Man).  This is a fun set for kids to build, admire, and battle with friends.

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