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Save Some Space with the 3Moods Transformable Couch

3MOODS - Couch that can be transformed into a table, bed, chaise longue, desk and armchair.
As we all know, living space is getting tighter and tighter in America’s biggest cities. According to the National Apartment Association, the average size of a unit has decreased by 8% over the last decade. Apartments come in at 889 sq. ft., while studios average just 504. We’re always looking for ways to maximize the space in our living quarters, so when we came across the 3Moods Transformable Couch by Unamo, we just had to share it with our readers.

What starts as a couch can easily take on new character entirely as a bed or a table. A Phenolic board with 100% Okoume laminate is the sturdy base for this 3-in-1. (This type of plywood is used in a range of high-utility applications making it an ideal material for multi-use furniture such as the 3Moods.)

When fully transformed, the cushions set up around the frame for an 8-person dining table. From there, the table can be broken down in sections to create an end table for four, plus a love-seat setup for two.

The entire piece works through a modular system with straps and pins that make the transformation a breeze. Unamo has done a good job of offering a variety of colors and materials to make the 3Moods usable for indoor and outdoor use.

We can imagine making this the focal point of a Manhattan studio or a San Francisco apartment, surrounded by a few good pieces of art and kitchen. It’s the perfect way to make the most out of those ever-shrinking living spaces in the cities across the country that creatives and businesspeople alike seem to flock to (Unamo’s styling appeals to both tastes as well).

The Spanish design company also has a range of other space-saving furniture including a retro-inspired sofa and an angular, functional coffee table.

The 3Moods transformable couch is available for around $3,500 after currency conversion and you can get yours here.