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Tottenham vs. Chelsea Live Stream: Watch the Match for FREE

Tottenham vs. Chelsea is happening now with the two Premier League soccer teams meeting in the English League Cup semi-final second leg. In the first leg, Chelsea was leading Tottenham 2-0 meaning it’s likely to be quite the challenge for the Spurs. Wondering if there’s a Tottenham vs. Chelsea live stream available? Here’s how to watch Tottenham vs. Chelsea online.

How To Watch Tottenham vsChelsea Online in the U.S.

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Simply put, your best option to watch Tottenham vs. Chelsea today is via ESPN+. Available for free via the popular sports service, there’s no better way to watch the big match.

The game starts at 2:45 p.m. ET/11:45 a.m. PT with Chelsea heavily favored to win. It’s been a good season so far for Chelsea with the team currently second in the Premier League compared to Tottenham coming in at sixth. With a 2-0 advantage over Tottenham, Chelsea clearly has the edge and just needs to maintain that lead for another 90 minutes or even add a goal or two to the tally instead.

ESPN+ is the home of thousands of exclusive live events, original studio shows, and even acclaimed series that aren’t available elsewhere on the ESPN networks.

With some content available for free, fans can also subscribe to ESPN+ for just $7 per month or choose to subscribe for the whole year for just $70. By doing so, you get access to thousands of hours of live sport. This includes live soccer, boxing, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, and much more. There’s also the entire archive of the 30 for 30 documentary film series.

It’s also possible to purchase UFC PPV events through the service giving you the best way to live stream UFC fights for less.

You can watch ESPN+ by installing the app on iOS and Android mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming sticks, or Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, or you can stream it right in your computer’s web browser.

The Tottenham vs. Chelsea live stream is available for free via ESPN+ later today but now is the perfect time to consider treating yourself to a year’s worth of sports for less. Sign up to ESPN+ while you’re there and you’ll never run out of sporting options.

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