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Classic Wool: Dale Of Norway

Dale of Norway
Image used with permission by copyright holder
A well knit wool sweater is more than just a layering piece for the winter. The right sweater will last you many seasons of use. We rediscovered Dale of Norway at the most recent Outdoor Retailer, and couldn’t be more pleased. Their traditional designs and modern take on wool is the perfect example of Norwegian craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for après ski style, outdoors performance, or something in between, this heritage wool knitwear brand should be in your closet.

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The textile industry in Dale,  Norway got it’s start when business man Peder Jebsen built a modern textile factory alongside natural waterfalls for hydro-power, and a massive supply of high quality Norwegian wool. Since 1879 Dale’s timeless designs and attention to quality have been hallmarks of each sweater’s longevity. Some of their latest collections take that heritage into the twenty-first century.

The Viking Collection

Dale of Norway Viking
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Designed for the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team, The Viking collection features Viking Runes symbolizing protection and victory knitted into each design. We’ve been wearing the Henley style Basic Sweater ($239) spring skiing in Squaw Valley, and are impressed with the incredibly soft merino lambswool yarns. Add in a flawless, athletic silhouette, and you’ve got an anti-stink henley you can as easily wear in the office as you can on the slopes.

Reworked Collection

Dale of Norway Lillehammer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The sweaters in this collection combine classic Norwegian knitting patterns and designs with more modern materials and fits. With pieces from the same soft merino as the Viking Henley,  to weather proof outerwear, these are more than simply retro or “throwback” pieces. Our favorite of the collection is the Lillehammer ($229) sweater. Re-imagining the original sweaters designed for the 1994 Olympic winter games, this modern version is skin soft, and the fit is exceptional.

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