The Manual’s Food & Drink Gift Guide: Part II

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so we’re back with a second installment of great food & drink inspired gifts for this holiday season.

Yama Cold-Drip Coffee Brewer $250

Making your own cold-brew coffee takes far too much time and effort, but with this chem-lab inspired drip set from Clive Coffee, you can finally do it in your house, and look like Walter White in the process. We’re not sure there exists a more badass way to brew.

Finex Cast Iron Skillet – $195

as any seasoned chef knows, you just can’t beat cast iron – but that doesn’t mean it cant be improved. Finex makes skillets with a unique octagonal shape for easier pouring, as well as a coiled handle so you don’t have to pick up the pan with an over mitt.

T-Fal Optigrill – $180

The Optigrill from T-Fal is like a George Foreman grill on steroids. This high-tech grill uses sensors to detect the doneness of your meat (or other food) and automatically adjusts it’s temperature to optimize cooking. It can take a frozen steak and grill it to perfection in half an hour.

Nomiku Immersion Circulator – $300

If you’ve never cooked sous vide, you’re missing out. By cooking meat in a vacuum-sealed bag, in it’s own juices, in a temperature-controlled bath, you can make the most succulent and delicious steaks (or chicken, or vegetables) you’ve ever eaten. Nomiku is the most compact (and affordable) immersion circulator we know of, and requires no additional equipment to use.

Krave Jerky subscription – $30-50

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving, but why settle for something as boring as a magazine or book club when you can give the gift of gourmet beef jerky? Krave is made from premium beef, pork and turkey, and comes in a variety of innovative new flavors like Sweet Honey Chipotle, Black Cherry Barbecue, Basil Citrus, and Garlic Chili Pepper.

Graffiti Plates – $26-200

Don’t settle for the same old boring white dinnerware that everyone else puts on the table – these handmade ceramic dishes from SF-based artist Susan Gregory will add a artisanal touch to your tabletop. Our personal favorite is her graffiti plates, but she also makes an assortment of bowls, vases, and drinkware that are worth checking out.

Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Knives $57-98

You probably already know a thing or two about good steel, but if you want to stay on the *cutting edge* of cutlery, it’s time to step up your game and snag some ceramic kitchen knives. These badboys are made from zirconium oxide, which is much harder than steel Sharpening is completely unnecessary, as they’ll keep an edge for years

Jagermeister Spice ~$25

Of all the holiday-flavored booze out there, this one is probably our favorite. It’s an herbal liqueur that’s drawn from the same recipe as the original Jagermeister, but with less emphasis on licorice, and a strong focus on vanilla and cinnamon. In our opinion, there’s nothing better to mix with your eggnog.

Tumi Mixology Backpack – $695

Designed in a partnership between luxury luggage designer Tumi and premium vodka brand Ketel One, the Mixology Backpack is everything you need to transform into walking saloon. It’s built specifically to carry bottles of precious high-shelf hooch, along with all the barware and extra ingredients you could ever want.

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