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Save $50 Off the Perfect Mini Fridge for Your Dorm Room

Insignia Retro 3.1 cubic feet Mini Fridge 2 on a white background.

If you’re keen to kit out your dorm room so you’ve got all the essentials at your fingertips, you need a mini fridge. Sure, it’s not quite as essential as having the right technology for class or, well, school supplies and food, but it’s still going to change your life for the better. Right now, you can buy a really stylish-looking Insignia Retro 3.1 cubic feet Mini Fridge at Best Buy for just $160. That’s a saving of $50 on the usual price, which is extra sweet when you consider it even has a top freezer. You’ll need to be quick to get in on this deal as stock is sure to be limited.

If you’ve been reading up on how long foods stay fresh, you’re probably already thinking about refrigerators and how vital they are. Obviously, this Insignia Retro 3.1 cubic feet Mini Fridge isn’t quite the same as a full-sized device but it still offers a lot of similar benefits. You can use it to stock up on snacks and drinks but there’s also a dedicated crisper drawer so you can preserve fruit and vegetables in there, too. Adjustable shelving means you can organize things just how you want them to look.

Alongside that is a small .9 cubic feet of storage space as a separate freezer compartment so you can store your favorite frozen treats in here as well. Door racks make it simple to place bottles and soda cans, as well as those all-important condiments that can revolutionize a meal. There’s even an ice tray and scoop for convenience.

Everything about the Insignia Retro 3.1 cubic feet Mini Fridge is pretty sweet for the price, right down to its stylish looks, old-school metal handles, and choice of color schemes although we’re very keen on the hot rod red look. It’s going to look great in your dorm and be super useful. Ordinarily priced at $210, you can snap it up for just $160 right now at Best Buy.

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