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Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy Bowflex Dumbbells, Treadmills, and Bikes

We’re all exercising more from home right now, which means this is a great time to invest in some high-quality home fitness equipment. Even better, at the moment, Bowflex has some fantastic offers on the best equipment out there so there’s never been a better time to check out the brand’s offerings. Right now, offers include saving a fortune on shipping if you order today along with free accessories with some items, and there’s even a fantastic bundle deal on its trademark dumbbells and workout bench. Read on as we explain all about why Bowflex are worth paying attention to.

  • Bowflex 840 Kettlebell $179 + free shipping
  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells and Bowflex SelectTech 5.1S Bench$678 + free shipping, was $703
  • Bowflex C6 Bike$999 + free shipping
  • Bowflex VeloCore Bike $1,699 + free mat and free shipping
  • Max Trainer M9$1,999 + free shipping
  • Max Trainer M6$1,699 + free shipping

Bowflex is a big name in fitness equipment. Established in 1986, the company has gone from strength to strength when it comes to providing home users with great gym-quality equipment inside their homes. The company now offers equipment including bikes, max trainers, home gym setups, dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills, and other accessories so that you can work out safely while keeping your home environment secure, too. In the past, we’ve featured the Bowflex C6 smart bike and the Bowflex Treadmill 10 in roundups of the best fitness equipment currently available.

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All the equipment is simple to set up and with free shipping, you won’t have to worry about expensive extras while you order. Items like the new VeloCore Bike are particularly great value, ensuring you feel like you’ve gotten a gym-style experience at home, given the ability to consult the high-end console for information and workouts. If your budget is slimmer, then a set of adjustable dumbbells are just what you need for working on your strength workouts without having to store lots of weights at home.

With free shipping and free accessories on selected items, there’s truly never been a better time to enjoy the benefits that Bowflex products offer. You’re sure to get fitter with Bowflex and save some money, too.

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