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You’ll Want to See This: Shaquille O’Neal-Backed Fitness Equipment is Discounted

Shaq with MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym.

If you’re searching for some fantastic exercise equipment deals, check out the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym. Designed to replace an entire gym full of equipment, the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym is a portable cable machine that weighs only 10 pounds, but you can use it in myriad configurations to achieve from 5 to 300 pounds of resistance just by turning a dial. Use the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym with a free mobile app with tons of online workouts including real-time feedback and rep tracking.

Shaquille O’Neal recently invested in MAXPRO and you can invest in a stronger, healthier you by taking advantage of these offers. The MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym doesn’t restrict you to a single workout style — you can use it for resistance workouts, strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, suspension, stretching, and more. You can buy the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym by itself, with select accessories to expand your options, or all together as the MAXPRO Elite Bundle. As we wrote when the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym launched earlier in 2021, this portable gym is a total game-changer.

MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym — $1,029

MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym on a white background.
The core of the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym is all you really need for a complete workout. And you can vary it up every day if you want by using the mobile app. The Smart Cable Gym includes the following components: The MAXPRO SmartConnect, a MAXPRO three-piece Quick Connect Long Bar, two MAXPRO workout handles, two MAXPRO ankle or wrist straps, two MAXPRO door mount brackets, and a USB charger. MAXPRO stresses that this equipment is a concentric-only training approach, underscoring that concentric training is easier on your joints so you can recover quickly and train more often. No monthly subscription fees are required to continue using the free app, which has both live classes and online training.

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MAXPRO Fitness Foldable Bench — $224

Fitness Foldable Bench on a taupe background." width="800" height="800" />
If you don’t have an exercise bench and want to add one to your MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym, the MAXPRO Fitness Foldable Benchgives you a convenient and sturdy base for bench presses, lat pulls, rowing, step-ups, and more. The MAXPRO Fitness Foldable Bench is designed to work with the Smart Cable Gym so you’ll be able to focus on your exercises while the Foldable Bench secures the Smart Cable Gym. The MAXPRO Fitness Foldable Bench is rated to support 750 pounds, which includes the Smart Cable Gym’s 300-pound maximum resistance.

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MAXPRO Slimline Wall Track — $324

MAXPRO Slimline Wall Track hanging on a wall.
Add even more versatility to your MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym with the
MAXPRO Slimline Wall Track. The Slimline Wall Track mounts on the wall by attaching it to a stud. When you attach the Smart Cable Gym to the Slimline Wall Track you can change the angle on an almost unlimited basis to hit your muscle groups from different heights. The Smart Cable Gym slides up and down the wall track at the press of a single button, so changing to different exercises or altering the angles takes just seconds. Like the MAXPRO Fitness Foldable Bench, the MAXPRO Slimline Wall Track isn’t required, but especially as you increase your workout resistance and intensity, you’ll appreciate the sturdy and secure vertical attachment points that allow you to focus on each specific exercise.

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MAXPRO Elite Bundle — $1,399, Was $1,730

MAXPRO Elite Bundle setup in a room.
If you see how the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym can work for you and you know you’ll want to add the Fitness Foldable Bench and the Slimline Wall Track soon if not immediately, take advantage of this MAXPRO deal and buy the MAXPRO Elite Bundle. The Elite Bundle includes the MAXPRO Smart Cable Gym, the Fitness Foldable Bench, and the Slimline Wall Track in one package. In addition, the Elite Bundle includes a MAXPRO Backpack to carry your components plus a set of suspension handles, a jump belt, a yoga mat, and a foam roller. If you’re going to go big, it makes sense to go all-in, especially when the savings pile up by doing so.

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