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This Portable Gym Is a Total Game-Changer — And Shaquille O’Neil Thinks So Too

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If you’ve been searching for a home workout setup with connected classes and coaching but also want the ability to get your exercise in when you travel, check out Maxpro’s SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine. The SmartConnect solution incorporates a portable cable workout system with a digital app that tracks your progress and provides professional-led workouts. As a measure of its value as a connected fitness alternative, the Maxpro system attracted Shaquille O’Neal as an investor for its suitability for users of all fitness levels.

The Maxpro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine has a patented internal power clutch system with cables that can support resistance settings from 5 to 300 pounds. To change the resistance, you simply turn a dial. The SmartConnect unit itself weighs less than 10 pounds and folds for easy carrying. The SmartConnect machine, which sells for $849, comes with several accessories that let you use the system in your home, outside, and when you travel.

Maxpro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine (Sport Orange) — $849:

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Maxpro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine (Raw Metal) — $849:

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The accessories included with the SmartConnect machine are a three-piece Quick Connect Long Bar, Maxpro workout handles, Maxpro ankle/wrist straps, a Maxpro door mount system, and a USB charger. Whether you’re inside, in your yard, hiking, or in a hotel room, simply hook the SmartConnect system to a door, tree, or post and get your workout on with no fuss or bother.

MAXPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine connected to door
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The SmartConnect device uses Bluetooth wireless to connect with the Maxpro app. You can use the app to record your workouts and track your progress, find new workouts and exercise routines, and create custom workouts. You can also select from a team of professional fitness trainers for workouts of all types, including basic resistance exercises, strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, suspension exercises, and stretching.

The SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine portable exercise system lets you choose a workout regimen to match your current fitness level, along with coaching and classes to help you meet your goals. You can literally dial up the system as your fitness improves and add more exercises that match your progressive goals. It’s no wonder Shaq saw the value in this platform for a wide range of users. Even if you travel for work, you can take the SmartConnect system with you to use in hotel rooms rather than rely on available gyms.

Maxpro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine (Sport Orange) — $849:

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Maxpro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine (Raw Metal) — $849:

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