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This INSANE Deal Drops $400 Off the MYX Total Body Fitness System

Woman working out on MYX II bike with tablet.

Every so often a deal comes along that seems almost too good to be true, and we’re seeing a lot of that right now thanks to so many early Black Friday deals floating around. While this next promotion isn’t necessarily for Black Friday, it’s definitely worthy of a like and share! The MYX II is a complete and total body fitness solution. The stationary Star Trac bike, which is part of the MYX II Plus, is built and designed just like commercial gym equipment, except it’s priced just right for home and personal use. It comes with a sleek, interactive 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet that can swivel about to show what’s happening, even if you’re not sitting on the bike. That’s a big deal since the bundle includes a 6-piece weight set with a kettlebell, resistance bands, stabilizing mat, an exercise mat, and a 24-inch EVA foam roller. It’s everything you need to get a home gym started.

But while all of that sounds great, you’re probably still waiting for that info on the deal. From now until November 25th, when you use coupon code MYXTRENDS100 at checkout, you’ll get $100 off the system. There’s already a deal live, however, that stacks with the $100 discount. Code SAVE4FALL drops $300 off, on top of a holiday discount, both of which are already applied. So, when you use both codes you’ll get a total of $400 off in addition to the discounted price! The MYX II (for those who only want the bike) is normally $2,895 but drops down to $1,299 plus free shipping. Like we said, insanity! You can check out that deal below, or keep reading for more info on the MYX system!

The MYX II versus the MYX II Plus

MYX II Plus stationary Star Trac bike with weights in white color.

Both options include the stationary Star Trac Bike and its amazing features, but the MYX II Plus also includes the 6-piece weight set and the accessories — no weight stand is included in the latter, but you can grab it separately.

The primary feature is the 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet attached to the bike on a unique swivel mount. With an MYX Membership, you’ll get access to thousands of workouts, with new sessions added weekly. You’ll also gain access to dozens of motivating, world-class trainers who will walk you through interactive sessions. While you work out, state-of-the-art sensors collect in-workout data like heart rate, speed, cadence, and distance traveled. It’s a great way to not only add variety to your workouts but also get a feel for just how far you’re going and how much you’re achieving.

A Polar OH1 heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate, delivering real-time stats about your body. Plus, it pairs with the Apple Watch if you have one to take those stats even further. It’s available in black (deep charcoal) and white, so you can choose the color you want.

A membership is $29 a month but includes support for up to five profiles — enough for your household. You can try the set for up to 30-days risk-free, and return it if you’re not satisfied. The bike also receives a 1-year warranty with protection if anything happens to the equipment. Full-service delivery is included too, which means the team will set up your gear and make sure you’re good to go.

The MYX II is $2,580, while the MYX II Plus is $2,895 — the Plus package includes the bike, a 6-piece weight set, stabilizing mat, an exercise mat, 24-inch EVA foam roller, and resistance band. With all the deals, the MYX II drops to $1,299, and the MYX II Plus drops to $1,499. Both include free shipping and full-service delivery. Financing is available through Affirm so you can buy now, pay later if you want to go that route.

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