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A huge Asics running shoe sale just started — 320 pairs from $40

Tremaine Emory's Denim Tears x ASICS GEL-MC Plus “Georgia Red Clay" sneakers.
Denim Tears / Denim Tears

When we think of shoe brands, Nike comes first in instant name recognition. At least for most of us. But, if you venture out for a moment, you’ll find that running shoes can easily be dominated by other companies, with brands like Skechers and Asics often leading the way. If you’re looking for a running shoe, perhaps to start trail running as fall mellows out the heat of summer, then check out the big deals on Asics shoes that we’re seeing now. There are pairs of premium running shoes available for as low as $40, with discounts typically running between $25 and $40 or more. This sale includes over 300 pairs of shoes, so tap below to check them out yourself. Alternatively, read up on our favorite lines in the sale.

Why you should shop Asics

Asics shoes are known to be lightweight while still having enough padding to avoid the barefoot running shoes trend in totality. To generalize highly, Asics shoes have thick soles that are simultaneously foamy and solid, additionally having roomy interiors. Until you’ve gone and looked for yourself, it is hard to believe how many individual pairs of shoes are being discounted. If you do have a pet favorite line of Asics, check to see if one of its members is on sale. You’ll likely be delighted at what you find.

Rather than attempt to cover each shoe individually, we want to highlight some of the lines most affected by this deal that we also happen to have the most experience with. The Gel-Venture line, for example, bring forth shoes that delightfully skirt the line between running and walking shoes. Their ‘Amplifoam’ bottoms are somehow hard while being springy, and a firm hand can squeeze them no more than a millimeter or two before yielding stops. The Gel-Cumulus, on the other hand, feel entirely tuned to running. They bend exceptionally well near the toes, have the lightness that their name suggests and the coolness as well. Additionally, the color options available for them are striking and bold, especially for men’s shoes.

To find Asics shoes, including those mentioned above, at reduced prices, just tap the button below. We’re finding shoes for as low as $40. You should also know that, in case you find a couple of pairs that you like, buying just one now will give you a discount code for late December, close to Christmas. With the code, you’ll save $20 off any purchase of $75 or more, effectively reproducing the majority of the deals presented today in December. So, don’t hesitate to buy one pair now, just to see how you like the character of Asics shoes.

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