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Planika Fires: Your ‘Burning Desire’ Has Arrived. Innovative, Technologically Advanced Fireplaces

Coffee Fire Long
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Having your own personal fire place in your home is, for the most part, a stroke of luck. It’s rare to find a fire place already built into your home and/or apartment. And while there are ways to supply your home with one—yes, the Yule Log that runs twenty-four hours on Christmas day counts; but still, those fireplaces just haven’t quite “warmed” your heart.

Planika Fires intends on fixing that void with its elegant and sophisticated style, equipped with the most advance technology in contemporary lifestyle fireplaces—moving away from the traditional, generic approach in both emissions and style. These smokeless based fireplaces are environmentally friendly, do not require any chimney installation, and you’re able to enjoy within just ten minutes after installation. And Planika Fires is being used across the world in some of the most exclusive and sought-out spas, resorts, hotels and restaurants like the Grand Palais Lille in France, and the Quality Resort & Spa in Norway.

Innovative “Fire Design” technology by Planika provides a new breath of life to ‘biofireplace’ technology. While some hotels and spas are using Burner Casing and Fire Line Automatic models, and restaurants gravitate more towards the Outdoor & Indoor models, we at The Manual are hyped by the Modern Line, Coffee Fire Long table. This beautifully crafted coffee table can not only be used as just a functional piece of home décor, but you will now be able to comfortably cook marshmallows without having to venture out and setup in your backyard, or even worse, camping out in the woods. Though there is a glass cylinder that encases the dazzling flame, and it is positioned on one side that provides more table space to be used at your discretion, you just have to make sure that your cat’s curiosity doesn’t turn them in to an additional ingredient for your S’mores.

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