REACTOR Titan: A Bulletproof Watch for Adventurous Travelers

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Life on the road can be tough, especially for adventure travelers who put their gear through its paces on a daily basis. Whether kite-surfing in Maui, diving in Maldives, or rock-climbing an Icelandic glacier, their gear needs to withstand anything they throw at it. Enter California-based REACTOR — manufacturers of “the best built performance sport watches … period.” Every REACTOR watch is infused with their self-described REACTOR DNA to ensure uncompromising durability. Their latest Titan Watch is no exception, designed to meet the rigorous standards of military and law enforcement personnel.

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The exterior case is solid forged in marine-grade stainless steel to maximize durability and corrosion resistance. Like a fine Swiss watch, the caseback is similarly forged to guarantee a solid, watertight seal even after battery replacement. The entire case is then wrapped in a tough nitromid polymer frequently used in firearm manufacturing. As springbars are typically the weak point in watch construction, REACTOR eliminated them in favor of solid threaded screwbars, which increase strength by more than 500%. Lastly, the nylon band is precisely wrapped in silicone and nearly unbreakable.

Near-bulletproof durability aside, the Titan also features unique Never Dark technology. This patented feature is the world’s “first technology to combine the intense brightness of Superluminova with the multi-year longevity of tritium, providing optimal illumination under all lighting conditions.” This is useful during the thirty-minute period after nightfall when humans struggle to gain their night vision. In short: the Titan’s face is visible under any condition or time of day. In the event the watch remains in the dark for hours, the tritium tubes on the dial, timing bezels, and watch hands will remain precisely lit for years. Yes, you read that correctly: years.

These features make the Titan among the world’s toughest watches for adventure travelers. It’s a steal at $500, especially since it’s likely the last sport watch you’ll ever need to buy.

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