AirHelp: The “Pocket Lawyer” App for Air Travelers Who’ve Been Wronged

Understanding air passengers’ rights — specifically if, when, and how you might be owed compensation from an airline snafu — is a tall order. But, one app that’s flown under the radar (pun intended) for the last few years aims to make the process far easier by completely automating the task.

AirHelp is a free smartphone app with a single goal: to help you secure monetary compensation when your airline screws up. Whether your flight is delayed, canceled, you were flat-out denied boarding, or the airline lost your luggage, the app can help. The process is simple and works in real-time, without having to leave the airport, gate, or even the plane. Passengers can even check flights as far back as three years.

Simply launch the app, and you’ll be prompted to determine whether your latest flight may be eligible for compensation. Scan the QR code (like a 3D bar code) printed on your boarding pass, and the app instantly computes your eligibility. If you’ve had a particularly trying travel day, it even works with multiple boarding passes. After you’ve scanned your boarding pass(es), the app goes to work behind the scenes. The staff at AirHelp submits all relevant personal information to a team of lawyers who file a claim on your behalf.

The service is completely free to use whether your claim is successful or not. If AirHelp succeeds, the company takes a 25% cut of your final compensation. If not, you pay nothing. So, there’s literally no downside to using the service. Since 2013, the company notes that they’ve secured nearly $200 million in claims for more than two million unique air travelers around the world. What’s most impressive is that the average compensation is approximately $450 USD, with the possibility of up to $680. Free support is also available for passengers’ rights so AirHelp can assist with questions the airlines refuse to answer.

For frequent travelers, the upgraded AirHelp Pro is a paid service that provides next-level access to all of the above. Plus, additional benefits include airport lounge access, 24/7 flight rebooking assistance, and up to $1000 USD in instant cash for “nightmarish” delays.

AirHelp is available for download free from the Apple and Google Play stores. Passengers can also check their eligibility via the AirHelp website, which the company claims takes less than three minutes.

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