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The Men’s Soap Shop: Grooming Products in a Flask

the mens soap shop grooming products flask
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Samuel Lopez founded The Men’s Soap Shop as an ode to when grooming was a cherished daily ritual for a men. What started out of his Boston apartment has become grown into a full-fledged small business that features handcrafted soap and aftershave made from all-natural ingredients. The Manual quizzed a spokesperson for the company about how the idea for The Men’s Soap Shop came about, why they opted to package their aftershaves in flasks and which of their scents is the most popular.

How did the idea for The Men’s Soap Shop come about?

Samuel Lopez has always longed for simpler times, when grooming rituals made the man. That nostalgia became a business. After completing a Masters in Economics at Boston University, Samuel decided to spread the gospel of smooth. With the help of his wife, an electrical engineer by day, he developed a line of all-natural products that return men to a time before plastic multi-blade cartridges and foam in a can.

Why did you package your aftershaves in flasks?

Shaving wasn’t one of those things you wanted to rush. Ever. And then along came disposable blades and electric razors, and men’s testosterone levels have been dropping steadily ever since.

The aftershave in the flask sets the tone for the day, empowering man once again. It feels right when you are using it before going to work, going on a date, or enjoying your shave before reading the Sunday’s newspaper.

Can you reuse the flasks?

They do not recommended because it takes a lot of effort to clean the flask properly.

How did you learn to make soap?

Wendy took some classes and did a lot of research before making the first batch. Being an engineer came in handy when developing formulas. In fact, making soap was not a hard thing to do, it was finding the right formula. The shaving soap, for example, took them almost two years. Lathering a shaving soap with the right ingredients had its challenges when using only natural ingredients. Their efforts paid off.

What’s the aftershave made from?

Our unique aftershave formula of witch hazel and Centella cools the cheeks and jaw while also closing pores and toning skin. The result is a bracing sensation that leaves your face feeling naturally fresh and smooth.

Which scents are the most popular?

Bergamot and Cedarwood Patchouli. These two are our best sellers by far. Bergamot is citrusy and fresh, men and women love it. Some people don’t like patchouli but it blends very well with the cedarwood. They look surprise. Of course there are other people that love Patchouli.

What’s next for the Men’s Soap Shop?

The company is definitely growing. We have landed some major accounts, while still serving small boutiques. “One of our most proud accomplishments is being in one of the best barbershops in the nation, Tweed Barbers of Boston. These kind of clients gives us the assurance that we are doing things right”, says Samuel.

Our next steps are developing new products. We are in the process of making a beard oil and it would be ready by the end of the year.

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