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One of the Most Expensive Face Creams is a Steal at Walmart Today

You’ve likely heard this a few times but in case you need another reminder: You’re living through a global pandemic and you deserve to treat yourself. And, better yet, if the indulgence is one of the Prime Day deal, is it even really a splurge? We’d argue it’s more of a steal. We’d also bet you want to look your utmost best when you eventually do venture out.

As competitors announce their own version of Prime Day deals, there will be plenty of skincare deals to look out for. Check out this skincare deal from Walmart. The R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Face Cream by Japanese skincare brand SK-II (it’s pronounced S-K-Two). Normally priced at $235, it’s down to $199. This luxury skincare product is getting a price cut just in time to switch up your skincare products for the summer season.

The cream contains the cosmetic company’s exclusive ingredient, Pitera, which is a moisturizing godsend aimed at fighting all the signs of advanced aging endured thanks to living in the age of COVID (and just, you know, genetics and time). In a nutshell, SK-II’s R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Face Cream hydrates, softens, and rejuvenates the skin. You’ll look firmer from every angle, whether it’s (still) via Zoom or in real life.

So, what makes SK-II so covetable amongst skincare enthusiasts? According to legend, back in the 1970s, scientists noticed that elderly workers in sake breweries had extraordinarily supple, youthful, and line-free hands. A connection was eventually made between the fermentation liquid and its daily exposure to the workers’ hands. After further investigation, the scientists were able to extract a unique yeast strain – now known as Pitera – from the fermentation process, which resembles the skin’s natural moisturizing factors. It’s filled with plenty of vitamins, minerals and organic acids that condition and complement the skin’s innate functions.

Finally, together, Pitera and the Radical New Age Complex (both found in this product), hydrates skin and increases firmness to reduces the appearance of wrinkles. And one of the best parts? You only need a pearl-sized amount twice a day.

It makes it easy to see why SK-II’s R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Face Cream has quickly become a must-have beauty item. And now that Prime Day has returned to the summer season, wonderfully coinciding with higher vaccine rates and the subsequent reopening of much of the world, you’ll be ready to face the real world in person again. If the added bonus of a grooming Prime Day deal to brag about when you finally re-emerge with a radiant face is what you’re after, then it’s worth investing in this deal. Oh, and now you have a cool backstory to relay about how you got that new, lively glow when you’re inevitably complimented on why it is that you are looking like your youngest you.

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