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Beard + Sea Gives Beardcare a Fresh, New Scent

beard sea gives beardcare a fresh new scent wax and oil 2
A little over a year ago, Jon Richards grew a beard, and his friends and family loved it and kept giving him compliments, so he decided to grow it longer, but then some problems arose. He found that he had trouble taming the beard’s unruliness for work, so he did some research and decided to try several of the brands that made conditioning oils, balms and waxes to help him tame his beard. “Having tried a few products I found a lot of them to be heavy, greasy, and chasing some kind of “flannel and pine” lumberjack aesthetic; many smelling exactly like wood chips,” said Richards. “My wife was less than thrilled with the scent as was I so I went back to looking for a better oil.”

Richards gave up on the heavy-scented products he discovered, searching for something that smelled fresh and clean, but he couldn’t find anything that fit that description and took matters into his own hands. “I decided to try my hand at making a better formula that wasn’t too heavy, used only natural ingredients and fragrances, and above all smelled great,” said Richards. “After a lot of research, testing, I happened upon a combination of oils that worked really well. The fragrance was also refreshing, cooling, and reminiscent of sea air. With a few small tweaks I was able to really hone in on this essence and our first beard oil was born.”

He shared his concoction with his co-workers and a designer friend, and it was a hit. He realized he was on to something, so he decided to start a line  of beard care products called Beard + Sea. The first product on launch was the oil, and just in time for Movember, Beard + Sea is going to launch a mustache wax. “We wanted to stand apart from other beard care companies really pushing the lumberjack aesthetic,” said Richards. “Every beard care product we make is meant to draw inspiration from the cooling and refreshing nature of the sea.”

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