Feast or Famine: Rosemary’s, NYC

New York is known for its revolving door of hot restaurants, but judging by the relentless hype and endless bookings, Rosemary’s is here to stay. Opened by Bobo owner Carlos Suarez back in June, Rosemary’s has already cemented the kind of reputation that every restaurateur dreams of. Thanks to the rooftop garden, which is tended to daily by the Executive Chef Wade Moises, the menu has become synonymous with supreme freshness and vibrant organic flavour- a far cry from the ‘spag bol’ reputations that often orbit Italian restaurants.

Though the eatery is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the atmosphere really gains that ‘hot new restaurant’ electricity once the sun has set. An unpretentious yet distinctive menu boasts traditional Italian dishes of bistecca served with royal trumpets, Sicilian chopped salad with fresh artichokes and an octopus salami dish, which in truth, is totally awesome.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and faster, The Manual recommends the antipasti, or the small ‘verdure’ dishes. Super tasty (and healthy) offerings of warm olives; beets, dandelion and hazelnut and radishes, butter, salt and thyme will transport your taste buds to new homegrown highs.

If your wine knowledge remains a tad fuzzy, the innovative ‘40 bottles all at $40’ wine program will see you right. By removing the all too familiar price tag stigma, customers are invited to let their senses (and the recommendations of the trained staff) guide them.

The interior is pretty easy on the eye too. Appealing to the current zeitgeist for exposed brick, pre-loved wooden surfaces and sporadic bursts of plant life, the airy space has that loft-like oasis feel to it that has become so synonymous with West Village haunts.

Essentially, Rosemary’s is a place where those memorable, once in a blue moon meals can occur. Where, during those brief few hours of freedom that the working day permits, you can unwind with friends and enjoy some really great food, freshly sourced from an NY rooftop.

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