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Unitree PUMP Is Always Ready To Use, and Here’s Why That’s Awesome

This content was produced in partnership with Unitree.

Whether you’re working out at home, at the gym, or even during some downtime at the office, most of the gear you’ll use is static — it stays in one place. You wouldn’t carry a set of dumbbells with you, for example. Of course, while at the gym, that’s not a problem because all of the equipment is already there. If you want to work out anywhere else, even at home, you’ll need to supply your own gear, which can be expensive. What if there were a better way? What if there were a workout option that accommodated your on-the-move lifestyle? Something that would give you a solid workout, right when you need it? Well, folks, let us direct your attention to the Unitree PUMP.

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Known for its advanced robotics, Unitree describes the PUMP as a Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym, which utilizes smart resistance controls to give you one hell of a workout, no matter where you set it up. Unlike traditional workout equipment, you can carry it with you everywhere, but also you can use it anywhere. Once anchored — to a door, nearby objects like a chair, your foot, or anything stable –it allows you to train 90% of your muscle groups with customizable resistance, across four training modes. You can replace any existing equipment you have, often bulky, to save space in your home. It comes with a free app, that offers tutorials, built-in fitness games, and connects you to a like-minded community of active folks. If you’re intrigued like us, then keep reading.

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How Does the Unitree PUMP Work?

How to Anchor the Unitree PUMP anywhere in your home, office, or even hotel room.

As a simple explanation, the Unitree PUMP is a relatively small and manageable motor and pulley system that you can anchor to something stable nearby — using a door, a chair, etc. Once anchored, you leverage the pulley accessories to choose what type of workout you’d like, such as the Pull Rope Handle for standard workouts, and the Ankle Fixing Accessory for leg and ankle-based workouts. It’s easy to set up, and you can work out from anywhere, including hotel rooms, at home, in the office, while visiting family and friends, or anywhere there’s enough space to do so!

The Door Anchor Fixing accessory allows you to securely anchor to any doorway, while the Annular Fixing Belt allows you to fix the machine to any stable element. Using these accessories — tools, really — you can customize your system to get in precisely the kind of workouts you’d like, and build or tone various muscle groups.

Unitree Pump: Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym

What Kind of Workouts Can You Do With the PUMP?

Unitree Pump exercise examples with workouts shown.

At this point, you’ve heard a lot about how the PUMP machine can anchor to doors, objects, and so on, and that it’s a pulley system, but that doesn’t necessarily give you a good idea of what kind of workouts you’d be doing with it. Imagine a much larger cable machine, with multiple workout points that simulate exercises you can do with dumbbells, resistance bands, leg extensions, barbells, and so on. It’s the same idea here.

The PUMP supports both concentric and eccentric training styles. In concentric, you can adjust the resistance, in weight, from 8 pounds up to 44 pounds (5-20kg) and also a resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50%. In eccentric mode, you can adjust the resistance — from 8 pounds to 44 pounds (5-20kg) — as well as the resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50%. So, you can adjust difficulty and training levels and also how much of your muscle groups you’re working out. With just a single PUMP you can train 90% of your muscle groups. Here are the supported modes:

  • Constant Mode: resistance range from 2-20kg.
  • Eccentric Mode: resistance range from 5-20kg, and eccentricity (ratio) from 0-50%.
  • Concentric Mode: resistance range from 5-20kg, and concentricity (ratio) from 0-50%.
  • Chains Mode: resistance can be set, and then adjusted automatically while training.

After it’s anchored, you can use the machine to do chest, arm, shoulder, leg, abdominal, and calf exercises, and that’s barely even scratching the surface. You can anchor it to the bottom frame of a wall or stable element, sit down in a chair, and do some leg extensions. You can anchor it to a doorway or stable object and do some arm curls. There’s a lot of variety here, which is excellent, but what’s best is you can unpack it and use it wherever you are, whenever you have a moment and need to get in a good pump.

Over 100 Free Tutorials In the Smart App, and More

Unitree PUMP interactive fitness game on TV while working out.

The app, a useful companion called Fitness Pump, delivers a lot of variety, but most importantly, provides access to 100+ free fitness tutorials spanning all skill levels — beginner to expert. The tutorials walk you through each workout, showing you precisely how to set up your Pump and how to get in a great session. But that’s not all it’s good for. It’s a smart hub of sorts, allowing you to adjust the weight resistance settings for your system, monitor your progress — and calories you’ve burned — and much more.

With it, you’ll also get access to an active and intelligent community of fellow Pump users, at least giving you a source of motivation for your future endeavors. A built-in fitness game adds a bit of fun to your workouts, mainly for aerobic exercises, all based on traditional weight training activities.

Professional Training Is Available If You Want It

Unitree PUMP with optional rowing accessory for pro workouts.

Optional accessories allow you to extend the functionality of the PUMP, primarily by tacking on professional training. You can even combine multiple systems — up to eight PUMPs total — to train in complex and more focused ways with higher levels of resistance. For example, with the rowing accessory and two PUMP units, you can simulate boat-rowing to work out your entire upper and lower body. Other accessories like this include an exercise bar, suction cups, and a power rack. They quickly and efficiently simulate the kinds of exercises you’d be able to do with more expensive machinery in a gym.

Some of these accessories are static, like the rowing frame, but you can always detach the PUMP with ease and bring it with you on your travels.

A FOC motor for smart resistance control, anytime

Unitree Pump splice of parts with motor.

Inside the Unitree PUMP is a Field Oriented Control (FOC) motor improved from the original quadruped robot’s joint motor. This motor and FOC-controlled system work together to adjust torque in real time, which delivers a controlled and stable resistance output — giving you a solid workout every time.

Thanks to the unique motor design, the PUMP can help evenly stimulate your muscles in groups, maximizing your workouts and eventually giving you desirable fitness results. When you take your hand off the rope, the system steadily and gradually reels it in, so you won’t injure your hand or body.

All of this is packed into a compact frame that’s as light as a water bottle, that’s easy to carry, and just as easy to pack away in a daybag, fanny pack, or backpack. Moreover, there are four dynamic colors to choose from.

What Comes With the PUMP?

Unitree Pump what's included in the box for the first use.

All this talk about accessories might have your head spinning, and honestly, we feel you. But everything you need comes with the PUMP initially, and some of the extra gear is, again, optional. In the box, you’ll receive the Unitree PUMP, a door anchor fixing, a pull rope handle, the annular fixing belt, an extension rope, ankle fixing accessories, a safety buckle, plus the essentials like the power cable, instruction manual, safety buckle, and a storage pouch. That means every PUMP unit can be used right away, and you don’t necessarily have to buy anything extra.

Additional bundles allow you to extend the PUMP system by adding an exercise bar, suction cups, the rowing accessory, or the power rack. You can always add these at a later time too, once you’ve become more familiar with the Unitree PUMP.

You’ll also get access to the mobile app, which features over 90 free workout tutorials, plus smart controls for the system. You can adjust the weight resistance setting of the PUMP via the mobile app, for instance.

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