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Get $100 Off Tempo Move and Turn Any Living Space Into a Home Gym

Tempo Move home gym installed in living room.

You just had another long day. You’re not quite ready to head to the gym and break a sweat. We don’t blame you, and these days it makes a lot more sense to stay home anyway. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good workout or even the social elements of visiting a gym. Tempo Move offers real-time A.I. feedback, over thousands of on-demand courses, and includes everything you need to work out, from the comfort of your home. It will turn any living space or any room into a home gym.

The best part is that you can get it, right now, for $100 off its normal price. Normally $495, it’s all yours for $395 with free shipping — and you can finance for low monthly payments through Affirm. The system includes a base, which houses 75-pounds in weight plates, built-in personal training powered by 3D Tempo Vision and it connects right to your TV or select iPhones. Membership is $39 a month but supports up to six accounts, so you and your entire family can each have your own personalized experience. You can head over to Tempo to grab that deal now or keep reading to learn more about the Move home gym.

How Does the Tempo Move Work?

Everything you need to use the Tempo Move smart equipment comes packed neatly inside the base unit, except for a display or smartphone. It connects to a TV or HDMI display, but you can also use an iPhone XS/XR or higher and the Tempo mobile app.

Once connected, you can start working out right away using the equipment provided — up to 75-pounds of weight plates — or whatever you decide to supply separately. There are workouts for dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, folding squat racks, and folding benches. You don’t even have to use any equipment if you don’t want to. There are over a thousand live and on-demand workouts to choose from, spanning several disciplines like high-intensity training, mobility, boxing, yoga, cardio, and so much more.

Is the Tempo Move Worth It?

A man using Tempo Move in front of his TV.

The Tempo Move is $100 off right now, which is an amazing deal, dropping the price down to $395. Yes, there is a subscription, for $39 a month, but it offers premium access for up to six accounts, so your entire family or household can use the system — there are classes available for everyone!

Let’s compare that to the cost of going to a local gym and hiring a personal trainer. You’ll need to pay for the gym membership, additional gear, plus the cost of the professional assistance. What’s more, that personal assistant won’t be available 24/7 and the limits may be pretty strict.

Tempo Move, on the other hand, provides you with intelligent assistance and personalization any time of the day or night, exactly when you need it. The real-time guidance is just like having your own trainer on call to deliver feedback about your workout form, rep targets, and similar stats. It will tell you when you need to upgrade to more challenging workouts too. Better still, the Tempo mobile app tracks all of your health and fitness stats to give you detailed reports about progress and body status. It’s truly an all-in-one home gym system, and you can connect it to virtually any TV via HDMI, in any room in your home.

Really, the longer you wait, the more time you’re wasting that could be spent toning your body, losing weight, or bulking up. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not at least checking out what the Tempo Move has to offer.

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