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AirPods Pro Cyber Monday deal drops price to $179 — but not for long

You guys, we’ve found it: The AirPods Pro Cyber Monday deal you (and we) don’t want to miss. Right now on Amazon, you can pick up a pair of the , saving you $70 on the usual price. Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. So if you’re rocking the originals or are down to one ‘bud through a tragic accident (guilty), it’s time to go Pro right now.</p> <p class="p1" style="text-align: center">[cc-link url="" merchant="5b9be81f89f4b3242158adcd" type="button" cta="Buy Now"]

The Best AirPods Pro Cyber Monday Deal

AirPods Pro in charging case on a table.
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Why Buy:

  • Awesome sound quality
  • Intuitive setup
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit
  • Active noise cancelation
  • Complete integration with Siri

Do we really have to make an argument for the Apple AirPods Pro? You know what to expect: From the same company that bought out Beats comes a superior sound quality that also offers active noise cancellation. There’s also the intuitive setup that’s over nearly before it starts: Just open up the case once charged, and your Apple device will take it the rest of the way, knowing what you want to do before you even go pecking around the menus. Finally, there’s the enhanced, adjustable fit that builds and corrects issues with the first-gen ‘Pods.

First and foremost, it’s the sound. This is in part because of an adaptive EQ that adjusts with each song and possesses a surprisingly rich low-end thanks to a dedicated driver. It works especially well with Apple Music, creating an immersive, surround-sound-like experience for music and media.

Compared to the original AirPods, the Pros allow for customization of fit surpassing any product Apple has offered before. Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone pieces can be switched in and out for a secure fit that’s great for high-impact activities or just walking around. The result of this fit is that there’s less bleed of ambient noise into your entertainment or work, making them ideal for those in co-working spaces and coffee shops alike.

Finally, there’s the noise-canceling function. Sure, roll your eyes, but even with this somewhat universal function, Apple has a unique method. Utilizing outward-facing microphones, your Pods filter and adjust based on your environment. This data is filtered through its tech and affects the internal speaker’s anti-noise counter. The process is faster than hummingbird’s wings, at 200 times a second, with a real-world result of a custom and dynamic response. Of course, if you don’t want it, just squeeze the side and Transparency Mode is activated, letting all the ambient in.

Like all Apple Products, the AirPod Pros work with all your Apple functions, including Siri (something third-party makers don’t always do). They’re sweat- and water-resistant, making for great workouts, and provide 24 hours of use with the included recharging case.

But, again, you likely know most of this. The only thing holding you back was the price, and if you can save $70 bucks, then it’s an easy call. Enough thinking about it; it’s time for action.

Should You Shop These AirPods Pro Cyber Monday Deals or Wait?

Haven’t you waited long enough? But seriously, whenever it comes to sales like this through third parties (Amazon, in this case, and not Apple itself), supplies, as they say, are limited. In fact, a recently released report from Adobe Analytics found that out-of-stock alerts from online retailers are up 125% from pre-pandemic days. A sell-out is likely. Our thought is that if you’re relying on your AirPods every day for workouts, commutes, or entertainment, this deal is a no-brainer.

Of course, there are other earbud makers out there. Some are good; many are fine. But if you’ve had Apple’s original AirPods in the past, then you know their excellence. Time continues marching on, and the company’s tech has only continued to improve, while their compatibility within the Apple ecosystem remains as high as ever.

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