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The Manual Wind: Cartier Ronde Croisier

the manual wind cartier ronde croisier catier
When releasing a new model, a brands number two priority must be to maintain brand identity.  Number one priority is of course to make sure the model is profitable.  When naming classic watch brands, Cartier is certainly one that fits in the top five.  Iconic styles, a long history, and roman numerals sum up Cartier.  Their latest model, the Ronde Croisier, puts those so common Cartier romans into a newly designed case creating a mix of sport and dress.


This 42mm steel case is capped with a ADLC coated bezel adding an element of sport to this dress piece. There are three variations of this steel piece.  Black dial, silver dial, and black dial with rose accents.  Correctly contrasting sword hands on each dial point to those classic Cartier Roman numerals.  Below the dial lies an in-house Cartier automatic movement with a 48 hour power reserve.  This is one of the Cartier’s most reliable movements and a staple in their production line-up.  Completing this piece is a calf skin strap and folding buckle.

The Cartier Ronde Croisier is an interesting mix of sport and dress.  Reminiscent of an Omega Seamaster 300 or a Blancpain 50 Fathoms, this piece might be having a bit of an identity crisis.  The size, dial, and hands say dress while the bezel is not really sure why it is there at all.  A price tag under $5,500 might offer an explanation.  This seems to be a smart direction for Cartier; an entry level automatic in-house timepiece with elements of dress and sport. Surely this will be on the wrists of men and women looking for a versatile classic that will not break the bank.

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