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We interview DJ Khaled on life, motivation, his DJEEP lighters partnership, more

DJ Khaled Interview Feature
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It’s not every day you get to speak to a true legend, but that’s exactly what happened for Dan Gaul, Digital Trends Media Group’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He spent the day interviewing the one and only DJ Khaled about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — the kind of thing that two grown men talk about when they have the chance to rub elbows.

From the moment Khaled appears on the screen, cruisin’ while he speaks, beautiful blue skies overhead, his aura is electric. Dan asks a few questions, as you do in any interview, hoping to get some decent answers, and Khaled, as always, doesn’t disappoint. He walks everyone through his unending positivity and firey passion for everything he does and shares some details about what we can expect — like a juicy hint at his newest album’s “powerful” title change.

It’s impossible to watch the interview and not feel something. This man is truly an inspiration in all facets of his life, but don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear from Khaled himself:

We interview DJ Khaled on life, motivation, his DJEEP lighters partnership, more

In true Khaled fashion, he opens with a banger. “My kids give me a superhero power.” For those of us with kids, or even nieces and nephews, we understand that wholeheartedly.

“When I see them, they recharge me, and they help me accomplish my goals and dreams.”

That’s a frequent call-out for Khaled, the motivation. Without it, you don’t have forward momentum, and you’re definitely going to have a tough time improving yourself and your lifestyle. He mentions this a little later in the interview, but it’s an insight that we can all take to heart. “Never focus on the problem. Always focus on the solution.”

Relating back to his family and his kids, Khaled makes it clear they’re his everything.

“I know every Father and Mother that’s hearing this interview can relate to what I’m saying, because we do everything for them.”

But he also makes it clear that he is genuine, and everything he does, from his partnerships to his performances, is spurred by that ideal.

“Everything I do is gonna be moved with love. Not just love, it’s real. I’m just me. I’m passionate, but just know it’s coming from a beautiful place, a clean heart, clean face, but I’m always gonna be me no matter what.”

“That’s Khaled 100%.”

From there, the interview kicks off into greatness. I won’t include every question and answer here, because then you’d have no reason to watch it — and that would be a travesty because it’s amazing — but here are some of the highlights:

If you could play golf with anyone in history, who would it be?

A: “Rory Mcilroy, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan. That would be incredible. All their personalities, they’re all different, but they’re all greatness. I think it would be legendary.”

On DJ Khaled’s partnership with DJEEP


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♬ Praise Jah In The Moonlight – YG Marley

Dan asks DJ Khaled to elaborate on his partnership with DJEEP lighters, part of the BIC lighters portfolio.

“I love cigars […]. I love playing golf smoking cigars, but when I make music, I just light this lighter up, and my fans know that means “more fire” or “this is hot!” It goes back to what we were talking about igniting the passion about everything I do. So, I think it’s just really cool to have this partnership and do great things with them. Because it’s so organic and so real in my life.”

Do you have a particular lighter or style that you always carry on you?

A: “Right now, I’m rocking the DJEEP, but I love Bic lighters. You know, anything that’s like my music, timeless and iconic, that’s what I gotta have. If it’s from a sneaker to a lighter or, you know, whatever, it’s gotta feel timeless, right?”

What’s next out of this Jeep partnership?

A: “I’m going to New York to be able to kick it with all the Kings and Queens, and take some pictures with some fans, but at the same time, just real intimate and connect with everybody.”

Yeah, you got anything special planned for that event?

A: “I can’t tell you everything! I know I’m gonna come in fly.”

DJ Khaled on life, passion, and motivation

The man has transformative ideas on building momentum in your life.

You reference back to a lot of these values you have, these sayings that you have. That’s literally a part of you. When I think of DJ Khaled, I think of a lot of the inspiration, the motivation, the positivity that you seem to bring to everything you do. How do you keep that positive motivation? How does that impact things like these partnerships?

A: “When you pure, and you’re always being yourself — that word “organic” people know when it’s real, right? You made me smile when you said you watched the video of me flicking [the lighter] and saying, “Another one, another one.” Cause that’s what I really do. It’s something I can’t make up; it’s something that just comes out of me organically, but yes, I am very grateful to be able to partner with a lot of beautiful people and things I love to be partnered with.”

“You think about Khaled and Air Jordan. I’ve been wearing Air Jordans since I was a baby. And even if I wasn’t [partnered] with Air Jordan, I’d still be wearing it because I love Air Jordans for a lot of reasons.”

“Everything I do is gonna be moved with love. Not just love, it’s real.”

“When it comes down to the DJEEP lighter, I love lighters. Matter of fact, I hold a lighter in my hand, I just hold one. This lighter, in particular, is so dope because you know how you have the lighters that run out of gas, and you gotta shake it and all that? This one right here, you know you’re gonna be able to flick it 3500 times. You know you’re gonna be able to flick it. So, when I did that video, I didn’t need anybody to tell me what to do. I know exactly what this is. Another one.”

“I also gotta give a lot of credit to my fans. They’ll take something like that or scream out, “Another one,” and “We the best.” They’re inspiring me.”

What is some advice that you would give to those looking to forge their own path, like you have? How do they stay true to themselves and their values?

A: “God first. But also hard work, and also focus on the solution and never the problem. You know, me growing up as a kid, you know I could have been somebody when things got hard or frustrating in my career, I never focus on moving backwards. I always focus on the solution. That’s part of moving forward in life, and that worked for me.”

“I never took a hard time, or a hard day, or a “no,” and let it dictate the blessings where I want to go. But I did know it takes hard work and being relentless. But you gotta be great, and at the same time be grateful.”

“That’s Khaled 100%.”

Keep an eye on the sky

DJ Khaled’s insights are as deep as his creativity, and he is a spurious light in the darkness of today’s contentious world. This man has fire, he has passion, and he brings all of that inspiration and motivation to the table in everything he does. Regardless of how you feel about him, you can’t help but come away with some of that positivity. “Greatness” is undoubtedly an epic and fitting word to describe the man, and we’re excited to see what he has in store with his latest album and where these partnerships will take him.

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