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Save Up to $595 on a Casper Mattress in Presidents Day Sale

Presidents Day is traditionally one of the best times to find mattress deals, and this year the Casper Sleep mattress company is going all out with Presidents Day sales. Use the discount code PRESSDAY22 during checkout when you purchase a new Casper mattress and you can save up to $595. Whether you select a Casper Element mattress, a Casper Original mattress, or a Casper Wave Hybrid mattress, all Casper mattresses are designed for your comfort and support and to keep you cool while you sleep with no heat buildup.

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Casper Element Mattress

Casper Element mattress queen size on a platform.
The Casper Element Mattress has two layers of breathable polyurethane foam. The AirScape top foam layer has literally thousands of tiny perforations. As you sleep, you generate body heat. That build-up of heat can interfere with your healthy sleep. The Element’s AirScape layer gives the body heat plus any building humidity an exit path away from your body so you sleep healthier and awaken to a cool, dry bed. The AirScape layer rests on a durable base of engineered memory foam that provides full-body support throughout the night. Like all Casper mattresses, the Casper Element mattress includes free, no-contact delivery, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year limited warranty. On the off chance you’re not crazy about your Casper mattress, contact Casper within the 100-night trial period and the company will arrange for pick up and packing and refund all your money.

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Casper Original Mattress

Casper Original mattress queen size on a platform.
The Casper Original Mattress is available in two versions: All-Foam and Hybrid (foam and springs). Whichever you choose, Casper Original mattresses have three layers. The top is a perforated AirScape layer of breathable foam to vent body heat and humidity while you sleep. Next is the Zone Support layer which has three distinct ergonomic areas (or “zones”). The idea is to cradle your hips with a softer area in the middle with firmer areas at the head and lower sections of the mattress to support your hips, waist, and lower back. The lowest layer differs depending on whether you choose an All-Foam or Hybrid model. The All-Foam durable base layer supports your entire body to prevent sagging or sinking. If you opt for a Casper Hybrid Original mattress, then the lowest layer has a firmer border to support and allow airflow through the upper layers mattress. Inside the borders of the lower layer, the Hybrid Original mattress has resilient springs if you prefer that feel and type of support.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid mattress queen size on a platform.
The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress combines multiple technologies for support, comfort, and continuous cooling. On the top of the Wave Hybrid you’ll find three layers of Casper’s AirScape cooling foam with drilled perforations. The topmost of the three has a thin layer of cooling gel to augment the temperature control. The third AirScape layer allows air to flow even deeper into the mattress to counter rising heat. The next layer consists of Casper’s Zoned Support Max with three areas as with the Casper Original mattress but in this case with added gel pods under the waist and lower back areas to help keep your spine aligned regardless of your sleeping position. The bottom layer of the Wave Hybrid mattress has the resilient springs and a firmer border also found in the Casper Original model. Like the Casper Element and Casper Original mattresses, the Wave Hybrid mattress is available in six sizes, from twin to California King. Casper also has sales on bed foundations, adjustable bed bases, pillows, and bedding.

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