Hand-Forged Grooming Gear from Studebaker Metals

Ready to ditch disposable razors forever and get yourself some grooming gear that’ll last a lifetime? If so, we highly recommend you check out Studebaker Metals — a Pittsburgh-based operation that makes hand-forged grooming accessories.

Yeah, you read that right: hand-forged. Self-taught metalsmith Michael Studebaker pounds this stuff into shape the oldschool way-with a hammer, anvil, and a few other basic hand tools; which gives his creations this sort of raw, imperfect, and undeniably badass look.

This kind of craftsmanship is hard to come by these days. Usually when you come across something that was made by hand, it’s made from a soft, malleable, and otherwise easy-to-manipulate piece of material like wood, leather, or cloth. Nowadays most people leave metal work to CNC machines, so it’s both rare and refreshing to see somebody making high-quality metal gear with their hands.

Check out the collection here.

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