The Beardbrand Explorer’s Kit

beardbrand explorers kit

The calendar officially says that it’s summer and we know your immediate future is full of travel plans. Whether it’s a wedding weekend, a beach getaway or a vacation abroad, you’re going to be on the move over the next few months. But being constantly en route can be hard on your hygiene—especially if you like to wear a beard. That’s where the Explorer’s Kit by Beardbrand comes in.

Even if you aren’t a hipster with a lumberjack beard (or even if you aren’t an actual lumberjack with a legitimate mountain beard), good facial hair maintenance is key. No matter the length of your beard, you need to make sure things are in order.

Beardbrand offers a variety of oils as well as care products and kits, but the Explorer’s Kit is perfect for the summer months when you’re on the go. The kit includes a Bass boar’s hair brush (whose bristles stimulate natural oils and also help remove dust and excess product from your hair or beard), as well as a handmade Kent pocket comb (with sawcut teeth) for those trips to the bathroom to adjust your look during wedding dance breaks.

The Explorer’s kit also comes with your choice of Beardbrand mustache wax and beard oil. For each grooming product you can choose between scents like spiced citrus, tree ranger, and tea tree in order to give your beard an extra edge of freshness.

To top it all off, the Explorer’s kit comes in the Beardbrand Toiletry Bag, which is pieced together from black and white canvas with accenting grain leather handles. The interior is water resistant and contains five pockets, while the exterior features two additional storage pockets. Oh, and it’s made in America, so you’re supporting your country while you’re at it.

No matter what your facial hair situation is, if you’re traveling this summer, Beardbrand is going to be your best friend.