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3 of Our Favorite Sunglasses for Summer 2015

sunglasses for summer 2015
During the gloom of winter, it’s common to pine for the sun’s return. Once the sun bothers to show up, however, it blinds our eyes and scorches our skin. What gives?

Well, sunny weather has finally arrived, and now is when most people remember that they need a good pair of sunglasses. If you’re having trouble finding your old, scratched shades at the back of the junk drawer, consider investing in a new pair of slick sunglasses for summer 2015.  We’d like to present three excellent brands of sunglasses that have caught our attention. You might keep them in mind as you scour the internet for Father’s Day or graduation gifts.

1. Argonaut Series Floatable Shades from Hoven Vision


Water sports enthusiasts face a Sophie’s choice at the beginning of each day — do they wear their sunglasses on the water and risk losing them, or do they forgo shades and squint all day at the sun and its watery reflection? With the Argonaut Floatable Series of sunglasses from Hoven Vision, you no longer have to make this choice.

The Argonaut Series shades come with floatable ergonomic bands, and can be disconnected and reconnected at the bridge thanks to CLIC Magnetic Connection Technology. Named for the intrepid souls who accompanied Jason aboard the Argo, a mythical vessel of ancient Greece, these glasses can endure to big waves, overturned rafts, krakens, whatever.


2. Summer Shades from Warby Parker


If you’re looking to cultivate that just-got-off-a-jet-ski look, then the Argonauts should be your speed. However, there are times when you really need to bring it, stylistically speaking. If you’re looking for something to wear out on the town, try throwing on a pair of summer shades from Warby Parker.

Warby Parker has browline frames, retro square frames, and other retro frames that can help one channel James Dean, Steve McQueen, and other gentlemen of yesteryear. They have a wide range of colors and patterns to suit any man’s face, including woodland tortoise (pictured), cognac tortoise, whiskey tortoise, striped pacific, blue marblewood, crystal, and many others. We like Warby Parker because they work with VisionSpring, a nonprofit organization, to help people in need get access to glasses and eye care.

Starting at $95

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3. Solid Denim Sunglasses from Mosevic


Denim is an exceptional material, and some folks can’t get enough of it. If you frequently don jeans and/or a denim jacket, you can complete your denim assimilation with these solid denim frames. Mosevic — an outfit based in the South of England — has been perfecting these frames for the past four years, and now they’re ready for public use.

But not so fast, we’re afraid, as they’re currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to get the glasses produced. Still, considering they’ve made over £3,000 of their £5,000 goal with over a month left to go in the campaign, there’s more than a good chance these babies will be fully funded. If you contribute at least £70 (about $109), you can get one of these sexy frames in time for the dog days of summer (estimated delivery date of July 2015). And yes, they’ll deliver to anywhere in the world.

$109+ Kickstarter pledge

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