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Shoe King Allen Edmonds is Giving Away A Pair of Their Best-Sellers, the Sueded Strandmok 2.0.

If you’ve ever been on a mission to find the perfect pair of brogues, you probably started and ended your search with Allen Edmonds. Whether you’re looking for a pair to wear around the office, impress at the bar, or explore the city, they have a style for every occasion. With Fathers’ Day fast approaching, Allen Edmonds and The Manual are teaming up to give you a shot at the perfect gift that will make you dad’s favorite. We’re giving away a pair of Allen Edmonds’ Suede Strandmok 2.0 to one lucky winner who won’t have to spend hours and hours trying to find something dad will like.

The Strandmok 2.0 is the casualization of the original Strandmok. The 2.0 is made in the U.S.A. with the classic brogue detailing and form that made the original so popular, but small changes were made to accommodate warm weather and comfort. The 2.0 is outfitted with an ultra-lightweight Vibram sole that provides extra cushioning and makes them a great casual option for any occasion. These brogues can now be worn year-round thanks to their warm weather friendly construction. They are fully unlined which allows the shoe to breathe and makes going sockless in these on a hot, summer day so much easier. Also, with your bright summer wardrobes in mind, Allen Edmonds gave the 2.0 a color facelift. With choices like light brown, summer blue, and grey, you’ll be looking summer ready in your brand new Strandmok 2.0’s.

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The Strandmok 2.0 isn’t the only Allen Edmonds style selling like crazy this summer. Allen Edmonds is currently in the midst of its Fathers’ Day sale that runs through June 19th. The sale features $100 off select styles, including many brand new styles for spring and summer, such as the Sea Island Suede Loafer, Schreier Tassel Dress Loafers, and the Boone Plain Toe Casual Shoes. With a sale like this from a brand known for its shoes, there’s bound to be a deal that’s too good to pass up.

Some other styles that we’re diggin’ this summer from Allen Edmonds’ new collection are their Liverpool Chelsea Dress Boot, Leiden Wingtip Blucher, and the St. John’s Double Monk. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably witnessed the resurrection of the classic Chelsea boot. These were made popular by The Beatles in the 60s and have found their way back into the fashion limelight in recent years. The Liverpool Chelsea by Allen Edmonds is made with premium leather, constructed with an elastic side panel for sliding on and off with ease, and comes in two colors black and brown. The Leiden and St. John’s Double Monk are classics that haven’t skipped a beat. The Leiden is made with its traditional brogue detailing and wingtip design that separates itself from the rest. The St. Johns Double Monk is constructed with double buckles and is versatile enough to wear with a suit, jeans and everything in between.

To enter, simply click below. Giveaway ends June 13th.

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