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AMOS: Hand-Crafted Enduring Goods

amos hand crafted enduring goods feature

Explore, Dream, and Discover are three words Amos uses to describe themselves on Instagram (where we at The Manual discovered them). Amos is a new men’s line that is getting attention from wallets and belts, to backpacks and weekend bags. Their hand-crafted enduring approach is attributed to founder Kyle Bardouche. The Manual got an opportunity to talk with Kyle and posed three questions about his brand.


How does Colorado inform and influence your collection?

Colorado has a huge impact on what we do. Our gear is designed and crafted to inspire adventure in everyone that owns one of our products. Colorado is a beautiful state unlike any place I’ve ever been. The landscapes, the people and the lifestyles all play a big part in influencing our brand. The diversity of things to do in Colorado is what we love most about it and we want our products to reflect this variety. Our products are designed so you can take them on a hike in the mountains, head to the beach (the one thing Colorado could use a few of), use them as every day wear, and even take them to the office.


What can you tell us about your decision to include vegetable tanned leathers and what it brings to your collection?

Vegetable tanned leathers are unlike any other leathers in the world – they’re much more environmentally friendly to produce than, say a chrome-tanned leather and every veg tanned hide is different. This means no two products use the same cut of leather – there is something unique to each piece we use. We love using premium full-grain drum dyed veg tan which really brings out the grain and shows the leather’s unique qualities. We have also started hand-dying our wallets to add to the feel and experience of owning a one-of-a-kind leather product.


What are the qualities of merino wool that make it ideal for your designs?

Merino wool felt is a huge part of our collections. Merino wool is much softer and more durable than regular wool. Wool is a natural product resistant to water, mold, and bacteria. So if you get caught in the rain the wool’s natural features will protect your gear inside. Merino wool also has more fibers than regular wool, giving it a longer lifespan. I don’t think there’s anything better than merino wool and veg tanned leather paired together. We saw a gap in the market where there weren’t any high quality bags using these two products so we’ve worked to bring some killer wool and leather bags into our collection. These are timeless materials that will never go out of style – they’re bags that can be used by generations to come.

Click here to check out their collection at Amos, and for additional images and offers on their Instagram.

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