Lisa Dunn

Lisa Dunn

Lisa Dunn is a writer with a background in investigative journalism and a love of tailored suits. Born and raised in New Jersey but now located in Portland, Lisa loves hiking, taking her overly-anxious dog running, and traveling. Though she has lived on the West Coast for seven years, her thirst for a good cheesesteak has yet to fade. She has been published by Willamette Week and The Donnybrook Writing Academy, among others, in the past. Follow her on Twitter: @LDunnPDX
Food & Drink

Battle of the Butts: Pulled Pork Three Ways

Pulled pork needs no introduction. It’s the friend who always has your back. At turns sweet and smoky, tangy, salty, and sometimes spicy, it is the Super Bowl staple that won’t quit. And with that holiest of days fast approaching, The…
Fashion & Style

Not Your Father’s Overcoat: How To Pick The Right Jacket For Every Occasion

Gone are the days when men would go out into the world swimming in fabric. Raglan sleeves, billowing bodices, rain jackets over suits, and dusters down to the ankles have lost favor with the fashion gods—and thank goodness for that. The…
Food & Drink

How To Make Baked Beans Like A Bostonian

  Chef Tom Borgia of State Street Provisions in Boston, MA There’s nothing quite like the sweetness of baked beans to get you through a cold winter night. That’s right: the perennial barbecue staple, usually slopped onto a paper…

Rough Life? Get Some Hand Cream

The fierce wind and biting cold of mid-January is miserable enough as it is without the added problem of dry, cracked hands. Dry hands are rough (heh). Save for maybe paper cuts, nothing is more of a painful annoyance than those awful…

5 Stylish Daily Planners To Help You Organize Your Life

For the modern man, life can be a juggling act: appointments, board meetings, memos—to say nothing of the all-important Thursday happy hour and Saturday hike. And sure, digital planners are a great way to organize your life. You can keep…