Get an Amazing At-Home Auto-Detail with TriNova’s Waterless Car Wash

Trinova Waterless Wash and Wax feature

It’s an age-old problem. How do you keep your car clean without breaking the bank?

Car washes get expensive and if your pride and joy is your pride and joy, you won’t let any brush or other set of hands besides your own touch it.

TriNova has come up with a system of solutions. These US-manufactured products are specifically formulated to keep both the interior and exterior of your ride looking spick-and-span with minimal mess.

trinova auto cleaner waterless wash and wax

Their Waterless Car Wash requires much less water than the average hand wash. It only requires mixing a half-ounce of concentrate in a provided spray bottle with enough water to fill the container. Shake and you’re set to go. It provides a protective coat to repel water, UV rays, and all of that nasty dirt that comes with daily driving.

trinova auto cleaner leather

To take care of your leather upholstery, their Leather Cleaner uses a proprietary solution to remove stains, without harsh chemicals. Afterwards, use their Leather Conditioner to replenish and moisturize faded surfaces. It’s great for belts, shoes, and furniture too. The solution also works on vinyl and plastic surfaces (think dashboards, consoles, etc.)

trinova auto cleaner leather conditioner

And they haven’t forgotten about tires. Their Tire Shine Spray was created to restore the luster that’s lost from winter salt and road chemical stains. It’s as simple as applying, letting the solution sit and wipe away. The longer it sits, the shinier your tires will turn out.

Perhaps their most interesting product is their shoe cleaner, Shoe Revival. The eight-ounce bottle comes with a stiff-bristled brush to get deep into the fabrics of your favorite sneakers or boots. Simply pour a few drops of the solution onto the brush and let the bristles do the work on your shoes. (Ed. Note: I tried the cleaner on a pair on cloth Vans and it did a good job on a dirt stain near the heel.)

Overall, it’s an inexpensive and effective lineup of cleaners. Almost everything is under $20 and easily available through the links above. You’ll have a new luster on your car and shoes in no time.