The best rugby shorts

Rugby shorts should be comfortable enough so you can launch wide and rigorous movements, but they should also be able to keep you dry and cool. These shorts do that through the moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the sweat at bay. As for keeping you cool, breathable mesh zones and ventilation-friendly design do the trick. Our list of the best rugby shorts will help you choose what to wear next.

MECH-ENG Men's Workout Shorts

Best 2-in-1 Design

These double-layered shorts provide all the features you need in workout wear. The mesh fabric outer shell is breathable for staying dry as you move. It also features an elastic waistband for superior fit. The built-in shorts, on the other hand, is a tight-fitting garment made of moisture-wicking fabric. The inner layer’s flatlock seams prevent friction in the groin area for added comfort.

Rexcyril Men's Athletic Shorts

Best Value Shorts

These polyester shorts are lightweight and breathable making them perfect for continuous movements and sweat control. The garment is also stretchy so it can withstand a wide range of motion. Rexcyril’s athletic shorts are offered in packs of two and available in a variety of colors.

MUSCLE ALIVE Workout Shorts

Most Versatile Shorts

These shorts are made of cotton and spandex making it soft, comfortable, and flexible for exercises. This garment features a side split design to allow a wider leg opening so you are given more freedom of movement. The shorts’ elastic waistband with a drawstring allows for a secure fit.

Your choice of shorts to wear in your training is a factor that can affect your performance. You can avoid sabotaging yourself by picking one that allows you to move freely while keeping you dry and cool all throughout your session. The high-quality rugby shorts on our list will not let you down.