The best razors for men with sensitive skin

Choosing a razor specifically designed for your sensitive skin entails other decisive factors than their labels claiming they’re perfect for your skin type. For instance, you need to determine if the number of blades of your razor matches your hair type. You also need to consider if there are enough lubricators so your shaving session will proceed faster and smoother. Razors for sensitive skin are engineered to deliver these qualities and more. Here are our top picks to help you with your selection.

Gillette SkinGuard Men's Razor

Best Razor Sheerness

Built with a SkinGuard razor, this offering from Gillette will keep your sensitive skin safe from shaving discomforts. This feature helps minimize blade contact with the skin, preventing irritation and burns. The razor also comes with lubrication for added protection and an ergonomic handle to make your shaving sessions less of a hassle.

Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor

Best Razor Packaging

This Solimo razor features a MotionSphere multi-axis pivot designed to follow the contours of your face for a smoother shaving experience. It also features an anti-clog design for easier rinsing. For added protection, this razor has not one but two lubricating strips that are infused with Vitamin E.

Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men

Best Razor Precision

This 5-blade razor by Schick features an ingenious shock-absorbent technology, which enables the shaving tool to adjust its blades depending on how much pressure you’re applying. It’s also equipped with skin guards to protect your skin from irritation as well as seven gel pools for instant lubrication. You can also flip the razor to choose between shaving large surfaces using all five blades or shaving a specific part using a single blade for precision trimming.

Achieving a clean-shaven look is not an easy road if you have sensitive skin, but only if you don’t know what tools to use. With today’s technology, the sharpest razor blades are engineered to cater to every skin type, including your sensitive skin. With our best-of list, you already have an initial guide on what to look for, and hopefully, you’ll be able to sport that new look sooner than you planned.