The best powders for men

Applying body powder is the easiest way to keep yourself dry and fresh all day as you only need to sprinkle a liberal amount on your chest down to your feet. The powder’s wonders work after that, provided you applied it on freshly-showered but towel-dried skin. Unlike creams or lotions, you won’t worry about stains and a greasy feeling. To know which body powder can suit your preferences, here’s a list of the best we’ve found online.

Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men

Best Packaging

This body powder features hydro-shield technology, which helps reduce sweat as well as prevent chafing and friction. Aside from keeping you dry, it also combats funky body odor. Chassis Premium Body Powder for Men contains natural ingredients such as baking soda, pumpkin seed, and oatmeal and is free of talc. It comes in a fresh and clean scent that won’t overpower your normal cologne or aftershave.

Gold Bond Men's Ultimate Essential Body Powder Spray

Best Body Powder Spray

If you feel like powder won’t cut it, try this body powder in spray form instead. This high-performing spray cools and refreshes your skin. It also helps reduce sweat and keeps bad odor at bay, so you can have a dry and confident feeling all day. The spray contains talc, aloe leaf juice, and ginger root extract.

Fresh Body Fresh Balls

Best Lotion Option

Not sure with powder? Try this lotion from Fresh Body instead. This grooming essential is specially made to soothe and cool your groin area. It also helps prevent wetness and unpleasant odors due to sweat. The lotion dries quickly, so you won’t have to worry about a powdery residue in your pants after application. Fresh Body’s offering is free from talc, aluminum, and paraben and contains oatmeal as a natural anti-irritant.

Unsightly sweating and foul odors will be a thing of the past if you can use effective body powders to keep your manly parts dry and fresh all day. The feeling it creates will consequently make you feel more confident to move and interact with others during your daily activities. Our best-of list of body powder for men will no doubt propel you to that sweet and ideal direction.