The best men’s robes

After showering or when you're at the pool, wearing a bathrobe provides warmth while you wait for your body to dry. The make and material of a robe, furthermore, add a sense of coziness and luxury. And depending on the quality, it's also a stylish indoor garment, so fashionable that you can open the door for a delivery man in your bathrobe. To make the most out of this simple yet alluring piece of clothing, refer to this list of the best robes for men.

NY Threads Luxurious Men's Robe

Best Value Robe

The polyester NY Threads Luxurious Men's Robe with a fleece collar features a soft and fluffy material with an elegant sheen. Wearing it under the morning sunlight will make you look like a deity. Fantasies aside, this bathrobe features an adjustable waist belt for a perfect fit. It also has two front pockets where you can place your favorite items if you choose to wear the robe for a good part of the day.

Kemusi Hooded Herringbone Bathrobe

Coziest Robe

With an added hood, the cozy Kemusi Hooded Herringbone Bathrobe will keep not only your body but also your neck and ears warm. The luxurious fleece robe is designed to be soft and comfortable, and you'll wish you didn't have to ever take it off. Aside from its functional belt and large pockets, the robe also features a stylish black base color and gray shawl collar.

U2SKIIN Men's Cotton Robe

Best Lightweight Robe

This 100% cotton robe is a premium garment suitable for spas, bathing, and swimming. The U2SKIIN Men's Cotton Robe is made lightweight for your added comfort while not compromising warmth and coziness. The bathrobe features an inside belt, so you won't have to worry about it slipping open. And if you're the picky type, this elegant robe is available in eight stylish colors to match your style.

Bathrobes for men have come a long way from just helping in drying your body to being the go-to garment when you need to relax after a long day. Relaxation time is a precious part of life, and spending it while wearing the coziest robe you can get will make it so much better. Our top picks offer warmth, functionality, and style — perfect for any man who deserves only the best.