The best hair waxes for men

Whether you’re going for a slicked-back look, a mohawk, or a more textured tousled hairstyle, ever-reliable wax will surely deliver. It offers a stronger hold than conventional styling products, plus it adds texture to your mane. Hair wax, however, will yield a bit of shine, so you’re not going to achieve that “I didn’t use anything on my hair” look.

Nevertheless, the benefits hair wax offers on the styling side as well as its benefits to your hair’s health such as moisturizing and conditioning, outweighs the slight setback of a sheen. Are you a hair wax believer now? Then check out this list of the best ones around you can use to style your way to good-looking hair.

TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

Best Value for Hair Wax

This affordable wax by TIGI is your best option if you’re going for a defined look with a matte finish. It contains beeswax, which gives structure and fullness to strands and cera carnauba that provides long-lasting hold. Resistant to humidity, this wax will definitely let you sport natural-looking full hair until the day is over.

Hair Dough Styling Clay for Men

Best Matte Finish Wax

This styling clay offers a shine-free matte finish for a masculine, stylish look and offers a hold that will last the day even during sports and heavy perspiration. You are also assured of safety as this product contains no harmful chemicals. Hair Dough’s clay will deliver the look you want whether you have short, thick hair or a long, wavy mane.

Hanz de Fuko Premium Mens Hair Styling Clay

Best Extra-Strength Wax

Hanz de Fuko’s styling clay offers a supreme hold on your hair thanks to its hybrid clay-wax made so you won’t have to worry about your style not lasting. The product also offers health benefits as it contains natural ingredients help in opening clogged pores, nourishing your scalp, and conditioning your hair. The styling clay works its wonders on straight, wavy, and thick fringes.

The perfect hair wax does not only make styling a lot easier, but it also offers benefits to your hair’s health. As long as the product does not contain any harmful chemicals, your styling journey will not be weighed down by worries about dryness, scalp irritation, and all sorts of hair problems. Our collection of the best hair wax around is a reliable guide to make sure you’re only using the safest items for your crowning glory.