The best dress socks for men

This essential footwear, especially men's colored dress socks, is a versatile fashion accessory that can make or break your overall appearance. That said, the right choice of socks will take your fashion level up a few notches. A perfect matching or complementary pair of socks, for instance, will add visual interest to your everyday look and will give off the vibe that you're attentive when it comes to details.

Aside from the visual appeal, dress socks are sweat-absorbent, so they can help keep your feet dry. Minimizing sweat also causes less damage to outer footwear and extends the life of your shoes. Our list of the best dress socks for men combines function and style, so you can complete your desired look while staying comfortable.

Alpine Swiss 6-Pack Dress Socks

Best Dress Socks Overall

The Alpine Swiss 6-Pack Dress Socks pack features gray and black socks that are enhanced with fun patterns, so you won't look like you're attending a business meeting. Each pair is made of breathable fabric for comfort and features ribbed elastic for a firm hold. The socks go up past the ankle and won't roll down as easily as mid-calf styles. The set is available in a universal size that fits men with shoe sizes from six up to 12.

Marino Men's Men's Funky Socks — 6 Pack

Best Patterned Socks

Unleash your playful side with the Marino Men's Men's Funky Socks — 6 Pack. Along with keeping your feet fresh and dry, the footwear comes in delightful colors and patterns that will surely complement or match your everyday casual wear. Though designed for daily use, the make of these dress socks is high-quality.

Easton Marlowe 6-Pack Men's Dress Socks

Best Plain Dress Socks

If you're the subdued type, classic Easton Marlowe 6-Pack Men's Dress Socks will keep your feet comfy while looking simple. The black dress socks are versatile, so you can use them daily for the office or wear them when attending formal events. This set is made of fine-combed cotton, making them extra soft, comfortable, and durable. Easton Marlowe's pack is available in different sizes for a perfect fit.

Wearing a pair of dress socks will not only elevate your style but also keep your feet dry. This combination of functionality and aesthetics will always give you the best bang for your buck, and you'll learn more about fashion and your taste along the way. Hopefully, our list of the best dress socks will teach you and help you feel confident about your choices.